Agenda 2024

The ‘Egress’ Main Stage Led by Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon), will set the scene for the day with a ‘view from the CDO’ who will explore the current landscape including key innovators and disruptors within the firm and the sector.

In addition, regulators will explore regulatory responsibility of legaltech, looking to the exponential growth of AI, including how professional privilege must be protected in the future regulation of AI and facilitate collaboration to ease uncertainties.

The 2024 agenda will continue to discuss and debate how the legal sector needs to truly understand the amalgamation of fast-moving tech and embedded culture, and how data and client services has transformed for a more competitive and collaborative future.


Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

  • Welcome to ‘The British Legal Technology Forum 2024’.
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Adapt & Adaptability - The Practise of Digital Dexterity

Nigel Tranter Chief Digital Officer, Orrick

  • Thinking - the art of unlearning
  • Data & AI - foundations
  • Business Models - keep what's working, lose what's not
  • Skills - filling the gaps
  • Tools - needs & application.

Unlocking The Psychology Behind Phishing Attacks: Insights and Preventative Measures

James Sheldrake – Head of Innovation, Egress

  • Unveiling Behavioral Science: Explore the fundamentals & impact of behavioral science in human risk over email
  • In the Mind of a Hacker: Delve into how cybercriminals manipulate behavioral principles to launch attacks
  • Mastering the Counterattack: Learn strategies to harness behavioral science, turning it into a powerful defense mechanism against cyber threats.

PANEL: Regulatory Responsibility of LegalTech - Future of AI

Ian Jeffery – CEO, The Law Society
Richard Orpin – Interim CEO, Legal Services Board
Chris Handford – Director of Regulatory Policy, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting
Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) – President, Society for Computers & Law (Chair)

  • The momentum on the crucial conversations around AI
  • The core considerations for legal leaders featuring senior representatives from the legal regulatory bodies.



Curb Your Enthusiasm: Impactful Insider Mobilisation for Digital Change

Libby Jackson MBE Managing Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Insiders in complex organisations, whether in professional services or other businesses, have stood on the legal industry's precarious burning platforms for decades, only to find ourselves plunged into the Troughs of Disillusionment to cool off, all while the next burning platform heats up
  • Outsiders in the academic, media or business ecosystem create vital activist energy for change in law which is infectious. This drives a combination of passionate interest or anxious trepidation inside our organisations. Generative AI, for example, is the latest to turn up the heat on law
  • For those of us leading transformation inside organisations, does this help or hinder the concrete changes we need to make, & our clients rightly expect?
  • The importance of great communication for engagement in digital change is undeniable. But given what we do is 99% perspiration, how do we strike the right tone right to avoid disillusionment?
  • Libby will reflect on what she has learned in the last decade from the interplay of external influences, organisational frameworks, & stakeholder management to help us take the critical next big step forward in legal technology deployment.

Unlocking the Real Power of Generative AI in Law: A Pragmatic Guide to Embrace Efficiency and Overcome Hype

Matt James VP, Presales, Litera

  • Don't fall for the hype! Adopt a pragmatic & strategic approach to integrating generative AI into your workflows
  • Realistically address the specific pain points whilst managing expectations to leverage the technology & effectively enhance efficiency
  • Strategize how generative AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, & unlock valuable insights within law firms
  • Leave feeling empowered to make informed decisions & maximize the potential of this transformative technology.

KEYNOTE: Fireside Chat and Live Audience Q&A

Louis Theroux Genre-defining Documentary Presenter
Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

  • Human Connection in the Digital Era
  • AI & Technology Shaping the Future
  • Bringing the Next Generation into Technology.

Conference Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented during ‘The British Legal Technology Forum 2024’.


The ‘Iron Mountain’ Lounge Stage – Chaired by Christina Blacklaws, will explore embracing a people centric approach and the high-level returns of working with an empowered digital workforce and how this will shape the legal profession. The speakers will debate the impact of not only digital and technological transformation but also ethical awareness, social responsibility and human connection.

Speakers will challenge the audience on the risks and opportunities for new skills, the new mindset needed, and behavioural traits expected to thrive in an evolving digital era.

The sessions will delve into analysing data insights to align legal business strategies with transformation drivers. Will AI tooling equal hyper productivity? Speakers will examine this and the vital role that data gives for a competitive edge in innovation, customer experience, operational excellence, and more, including where chatbots and AI have unintended consequences. Speakers will also review the pros and cons of Adaptation vs Evolution to unlock profitable growth via centring client relationships and internal strategic alliances for the betterment of the business.


Stage Chair’s Opening Remarks

Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting

  • Welcome to the ‘Iron Mountain’ Lounge Stage.
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Tomorrow’s Lawyer – Cultural Shifts in a Digital World

Alastair Mitchell – Director of Operations, Cripps
Stephen Brown
– Director, Lights on Consulting
Tanya Sadoughi – Banking Innovation Lawyer, Linklaters
Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting (Chair)

  • Future skills for the digital lawyer & the benefits of technological shifts to the business
  • Changes in decision making & human osmosis
  • Future proofing the firm & ensuring a robust & realistic future strategy
  • The growth of digitisation & how lawyers are adapting.

Enhancing ESG Credentials Through Digital Transformation: Navigating AI, Privacy, and Sustainability

Julia Bonder-Le Berre – Head of Global Privacy,  Iron Mountain
Michelle Grafton – Head of Technical Pre-Sales EMEA,  Iron Mountain

  • Challenges & opportunities posed by AI technologies
  • Data, governance, & ethical considerations that should be prioritised to build a culture of trust
  • Ethical considerations that should be prioritised to build a culture of trust & sustainability in your organisation.

Panel Discussion: Data Decision Making, AI Tooling, Hyper Productivity and Business Transformation

Amanda Chaboryk – Head of Legal Data & Systems, PwC
Aimee Greene – Data Extraction Specialist, PwC
Nirbhay Sharma – Data Scientist, DLA Piper
Christina Blacklaws– Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting (Chair)

  • Data insights to align legal business strategies with transformation ambitions
  • How do we aim to address the role of data for competitive edge in innovation
  • Maximising the customer experience whilst ensuring operational excellence
  • The role of big data.

Embracing Diversity in Legal Tech: Navigating Attitudes Towards Automation

Nigel Williams – Product Director, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

  • The Importance of recognising that not all lawyers want to work the same way
  • Identifying an "Automation Spectrum" from none to total
  • Industry factors affecting a law firm's position on the automation spectrum
  • The functional influences across different types of law firms
  • Key trends affecting the legal profession around data & GenAI.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Big Data and e-Discovery – The Journey of LLM’s

Raj Boora – Global Head of Data, Pinsent Masons
Uwais Iqbal – Founder & CEO, Simplexico
Chantelle Jalland – Managing Director, J.S. Held
Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting (Chair)

  • How data is constantly changing & evolving
  • What AI really means & how to leverage the tech
  • Deep dive into changes AI is effecting in e-discovery
  • Complement of AI with human intelligence
  • Defining data standards & what the future potentially holds.



PANEL DISCUSSION: Adaption vs Evolution: Pricing for Profitable Growth for Client Centricity

Shaun Jardine – Managing Director, Big Yellow Penguin
Magdalena Kosior-Molloy – Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Holman Webb Lawyers
Karen Jacks – Chief Technology Officer, Bird & Bird
Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting (Chair)

  • How do we engage with our clients to come to a consensus about value proposition in a post billable hour world
  • Strategic alliances between CIO & CFO considering the future of work for legal services
  • Agile budgets, consumption models, the speed of change & how AI will impact these.

Using Advanced Microsoft Technologies to Revolutionise Communication And Collaboration

Am Bhooi –  CTO, Resonate

  • Leveraging fixed mobile convergence for enhanced visibility, compliance & cost savings
  • Harnessing generative AI to boost meeting productivity
  • Ensuring robust compliance through secure, centralized recording & AI-driven analytics
  • Empowering receptionists & secretaries with cutting-edge call management solutions
  • Utilising seamless integrations & low-code development to drive efficiency.

In-house Real-world Case Studies: Legal Industry Transformation And Collaboration

Sharon Blackman OBE – Managing Director, Head of Services Legal, Citi

  • Strategic alignment of legal partnerships for increased business performance
  • Evolving digital business models for connected & cohesive customer-centric experiences
  • Achieving sustainable competitive advantage through service differentiation.

Transformation Decoded

Jo Owen – Strategist for Technology, Innovation & Transformation, Advocate for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in Business & Tech
Nirupa Wikramanayake – Group CIO, Irwin Mitchell

  • What is (and isn't) transformation
  • The story at Irwin Mitchell
  • What does it take to succeed
  • Collaboration is key
  • Some of the pitfalls
  • Top tips & Q&A

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Christina Blacklaws Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'Iron Mountain' Lounge Stage.


The ‘Telstra’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by Jenifer Swallow, will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are shaping and accelerating digital transformation across the national and global legal profession.

The sessions will explore the arena of buy, build or do both and integrate whilst diving into the long-term benefits of bespoke / tailored software for firms and open the debate for and against these solutions.

This stage and key speakers will open breakthrough conversations on the truth behind LLM’s, Gen AI and their current and future use in Law Firms, with technology that is evolving at such an exponential rate, will this be a help or hindrance when integrating at a high level?

It will also offer breakthrough conversations on the future technologies, systems and processes shaping and accelerating digital transformation across the national and global legal profession, as well as the personal capabilities we will need to evolve. Sessions will then continue to explore the next generation of law and AI, whilst highlight the advancements being made, and what can and will be achieved for the legal community of tomorrow.


Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Jenifer Swallow – Business & Legal Innovator

  • Welcome to the ‘Telstra’ Future-Tech Stage.
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PANEL DISCUSSION: Buy, Build, Both or Integrate

Shawn Curran Director of Legal Technology, Travers Smith
Joe CohenDirector of Innovation, Charles Russell Speechlys
Jackson Staub – Data & AI Practice Manager (EMEA), Insight
Jenifer Swallow – Business & Legal Innovator

  • Can off-the-shelf tech truly align with business processes & the needs of the business
  • Commercialising offerings that are designed around core business process for a more customised outcome
  • Challenges facing of-the-shelf products & tech stack integration
  • Building the right skills & talent in challenging climates
  • Future proofing for tomorrow.

Navigating the Future: Legal Practice Management Software in the Digital Age

Regina O’Shaughnessy – Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Clio

  • The pivotal role practice management solutions play in reshaping legal practice
  • Importance of adopting software solutions to remain competitive
  • Navigating the future successfully in the digital age.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Fist Full of Dollars; The Truth Behind LLMs And Gen AI

Andrea Miskolczi Founder and Director, InterAlia Consulting
Erica Stanford – Fintech Specialist, CMS
Elliot White  Director of Innovation and Legal Technology, Addleshaw Goddard
Caroline Hill
Editor-in-Chief, LegalIT Insider

  • Step beyond automation
  • Up skilling to meet demand
  • The window to the board; truth on budget decision
  • ROI matters: Being the first vs being the best.

The Great Digital Migration: How to Address Application Challenges for Colleagues And Clients

David Williams – Acting MD, EMEA, Telstra 

  • The Cloud Journey: An Ecosystem of interdependent Cloud connections
  • Disruption, No Problem: Strategies to overcome user experience hurdles
  • Zero Trust, Maximum Confidence: Securing access without restricting business.

Digital Innovation: Interconnecting Technology to Power Trust And Integrity

Professor Lisa Wilson – Managing Director, IOSS Solutions

  • Conflicts in emergent technology arises primarily in four areas, decentralisation versus centralisation, the security paradox, data & intelligence, & privacy as opposed to transparency
  • Adoption reticence & blinkered thinking can blind us to the true value of working together & realise that the greatest potential occurs when we see opportunity from strengths not weakness because of difference
  • The world becomes our oyster & we can harness the power of inherent trust provided our human thinking includes ethics, integrity & acceptance that people not technology are innovative.



PANEL DISCUSSION: The View From The Vendors

James Clough – Co-Founder and CTO, Robin AI
Dave Wilson – Managing Director, Tiger Eye
Venessa Bennett – Director of UX, Dye & Durham
Mark Hasted – Senior Technical Engineer, Exterro
Jill Schornack – VP of Products, NetDocuments
Jenifer Swallow – Business & Legal Innovator (Chair)

  • Debate the potential of digital / technical disruption in law & technology & opportunities for growth
  • Consider how the legal sector can future proof
  • What market demands are being seen & what challenges are arising
  • What the future landscape looks like & how to work with vendors in an agile world.

How Legal Professionals Are Transitioning From Learners to Creators on Their AI Journey

Jill Schornack – VP of Product, NetDocuments

  • Dive into the latest advancements in AI technology
  • Explore the promises & pitfalls of generative AI in legal organizations
  • Gain insights into strategic approaches for identifying use cases & engaging stakeholders to drive significant business impact.

Neuralink, Apple Vision Pro, AI, The Mind And Building Virtual Worlds - Perspectives From a Futurist

Eric HunterGlobal Futurist, Innovation Futures

  • Our Evolving Reality - Bridging AI, the mind & perception into the augmented/virtual & mixed realities of the future
  • The Apple Vision Pro & Spatial Compute - The needed imperfect tangible template forward into an augmented workplace
  • Neuralink - Exploring an embedded ongoing tangible attempt in bridging Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI & the Mind
  • Bridging virtual worlds with the minds, AI & workplace builds of the future.

The Crucial Role of Information Architecture in AI And The iManage Approach

Nick Haines – Head of Pre-Sales, EMEA, iManage

  • Explore the iManage Information Architecture Framework & how we ensure data integrity, security, & scalability
  • Delve into the principles and strategies behind structuring & organising data to empower AI systems for accurate analysis & decision-making
  • Learn how you can leverage your data in Microsoft Copilot, iManage Work, iManage Insight+ & other Legal AI solutions.

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugliness of LLMs

Karl Knowles – Director, EY-P
David Robinson – CISO, Herbert Smith Freehills
Chris Boulter – Head of Digital Products, Ashurst Advance Digital
Jenifer Swallow – Business & Legal Innovator

  • Harnessing the power of generative AI for client advantage
  • Protecting the wider infrastructure from threats & supressing data leakage from the cloud
  • Diffusing bias & suppressing declining data value & longevity
  • Ensuring compliance & accountability
  • Preparing everyone, everywhere.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Jenifer Swallow – Business & Legal Innovator

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Telstra’ FutureTech Stage.


The ‘Deazy’ Innovation Stage – Chaired by Christian Toon will demonstrate current and new systems, processes, and solutions available for the future of UK Innovation and Automation in the legal market.

Through panel discussions and presentations this stage will debate legacy thinking, systems, culture and the future workforce. Key speakers will explore the business transformation of law and the exciting opportunities and innovations that new technologies can offer legal services.

Led by Christian, speakers will offer insights into emerging operating systems, infrastructure and applications, whilst reflecting on the era of advanced practical Generative AI and how this is now at the forefront of client led offerings.


Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Christian Toon – Head of Cyber Professional Services, Pinsent Masons

  • Welcome to the ‘Deazy’ Innovation Stage.
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PANEL DISCUSSION: Challenging Legacy Thinking, Systems, And Culture: Exploring New Possibilities For The Future

Catriona Wolfenden – Director of Product Innovation, Weightmans
Mark Parr – Chief Digital Officer, Buzzacott
Amir Mehdi – Former Global CIO, Barclays
Christian Toon – Head of Cyber Professional Services, Pinsent Masons

  • The future of law looking at challenges of historic systems & legacy thinking
  • Strengthening internal culture whilst exploring new possibilities for the future.

Case And Matter Management in the year 2035 - Future Vision

Ben Nicholson – Co-Founder & CEO, Sharedo

  • What will case & matter management systems look like in 10 years time?
  • Will it be ubiquitous for all lawyers?
  • What does our legal digital assistant look like?
  • Have we said goodbye to the mundane? Can we focus on the value add?
  • What does work look like with truly digitised supply chains?
  • How do we solve information overload?
  • Will we complete the journey of straight through processing - putting the car back on the Scalextric track
  • Squeezing the final juices out - Big Data & Lean Six Sigma
  • So what do we do now all this friction has been removed?

From Forensics to Court Bundles: Powered by Technology, Enabled by People

Casian Sala – Managing Director, Legastat

  • Adaptation, evolution, or innovation – what’s needed in the legal industry?
  • What else can technology do for lawyers?
  • Growing data volumes – how can you control the costs?

Be Fearless: It's Time to Start Seizing The Opportunities of GenAI

Ian Hawkins – Journalist, on behalf of Deazy

  • Why is now the best time to embrace AI in the legal industry
  • How much truth is in the promise of AI
  • What practical steps can you take to get started.

You've Moved Your DMS to the Cloud, What's Next?

Thomas Humberstone  – IT Applications & Development Manager, Womble Bond Dickinson
Jason Evans – DMS Architect, Charles Russell Speechlys
Olive Buckley Enterprise Engagement Manager, iManage

  • Enhance collaboration and integrate functionality with Office 365 and Teams
  • Future-proof for technological changes and improve business performance
  • Strengthen information security and compliance capabilities
  • Deploy Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager
  • Explore AI integration and participate in early adopter programs.

How GenAI Can be Applied to Your Disputes And Investigations

Magnus Dahlin – Principal Strategic Partnerships Manager, Everlaw
Gary Foster – Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

  • Explore areas where GenAI can impact your dispute & investigation work
  • Understand best practices & potential risks associated with GenAI
  • Get more clarity on why it is useful to have the right knowledge & support by a trusted partner through the process.



Why Transformation is Critical to The Business of Law

Adam Marsland Director of Business Transformation, Orrick

  • What is Business Transformation?
  • Why is Transformation important?
  • The application to the legal sector
  • What the future holds.

The Emergence of Cloud-native Legal Platforms And Portfolios: The Future of Legal Practice

Emma Hatto – Head of Product – Legal, OneAdvanced

  • How legal technology answers the key challenges law firms face today
  • The benefits of a cloud-native, legal-specific portfolio on a single platform
  • Introducing our new OneAdvanced Legal offering
  • Futureproofing your firm against changing goals, needs & challenges.

Reduce Your Cyber Risk - An Opportunity to Learn From Other Businesses’ Mistakes

Craig Tomes   Account Director, Commercial
Lee Davey Deputy Head of Technology & Operations, Burges Salmon

  • Cyber Attacks - Myth vs Reality and the Impact
  • Arctic Wolf – Nothing to do with Wolves or the Arctic – just reducing Cyber risk!
  • Lee Davey, Burges Salmon – Case Study - Why Arctic Wolf?

AI Unleashed: Navigating the Frontier of Cyber Risks

Alistair Mills – Director of Sales Engineering, Northern Europe, Proofpoint

  • Evolution of AI Threats: Explore how AI has transformed cyber risks, from automated attacks to sophisticated adversarial machine learning
  • The AI Arsenal: Delve into the toolkit of threat actors, from AI-powered lures to deepfake social engineering, & the implications for cybersecurity
  • Defence in the Age of AI: Discover proactive strategies & emerging technologies to combat AI-driven threats, including AI-driven defence mechanisms.

Design a Technology Ecosystem That Supports Your Firm’s Growth And Innovation

Oliver Tromp – Regional Vice President, Actionstep

  • Assessing your technology ecosystem
  • Building the right foundation
  • Assess against tech ecosystem characteristics
  • How intuitive automation supports a law firm’s tech ecosystem.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Using AI to Define Business Strategy And Growth - Sponsored by Salesforce

Edward StevensHead of Client Engagement & Solutions, Springbok AI
Stuart WhittleChief Innovation / Technology Officer, Weightmans
Sarah HarrisHead of Innovation, Kingsley Napley
Vincent Perrin – Area Vice President, Salesforce
Christian Toon – Head of Cyber Professional Services, Pinsent Masons

  • Investment in technology & using technology to achieve business change
  • Addressing the Tech Gap; Driving business decisions from the past & present
  • How are national & international firms innovating?

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Christian Toon – Head of Cyber Professional Services, Pinsent Masons

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Deazy’ Innovation Stage.


The ‘Thomson Reuters’ Insights Stage will explore how to utilise both today and tomorrow’s technology in a practical way for those aiming to drive productivity and efficiency in their organisation.

Through panel sessions, research presentations and fireside chats, this stage will provide real-life figures and examples of how innovation influences the business strategy of today’s firms and legal departments, and which technology trends will influence the future of the legal industry. Key speakers will explore, the future of firm/client interactions, where next-generation technologies are likely to fit into daily work, and how to plan for technology that also accounts for people and process considerations. Each of the sessions of the Insights Stage aims to provide ideas and leadership to those exploring innovation within their own organisation. Throughout the forum, this stage will deliver key takeaways for decision-makers that allow them to advance and modernise their next technology projects.


The 'Thomson Reuters' Insights Stage

Thomson Reuters provides legal professionals with open, connected, and smart solutions that enable teams to navigate through the complexity of their work. Unlike other products available, our Legal Technology centers around customer-focused solutions and use cases to amplify connections and provide users a seamless end-to-end digital journey that focuses on what matters.

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The Thomson Reuters Generative AI Vision - Transforming The Practice of Law by Redefining Legal Work

Cat Kidd –  Director, Inbound Product Management, Legal Tech, Thomson Reuters
Lisa NewtonDirector, Portfolio Program Management, Product Marketing, Thomson Reuters

  • Learn about Thomson Reuters' 30-year investment in AI for legal work & how this supports the future of professionals
  • Understand the Gen AI technology vision: Combining human expertise with AI for validated, authoritative results
  • Gain insight into Thomson Reuters' commitment to security, trust, & transparency in AI-powered legal solutions.

Navigating The Gen AI Frontier: AI’s Influence in The UK Market

Lucy Leach –  Director, Research Strategy, Thomson Reuters Institute

  • Learn about the impact of Gen AI on the UK legal market
  • Understand the latest data-driven insights & trends, including buyer sentiment & evolving preferences
  • Gain valuable strategies to leverage Gen AI & drive success in your firm.

The Power of HighQ – Improving Client Experiences & Driving Growth in a Competitive Market

Sophie Baugh – Manager – Solutions Consulting Group, Thomson Reuters
Johannes Schleith – Senior Product Manager, Thomson Reuters

  • Learn about the power of HighQ in improving client experiences & driving growth in a competitive market
  • Understand the drivers for success, law firm opportunities, & the shared hurdles
  • Gain insights into how technology, like HighQ, can support end-to-end processes & accelerate M&A deals from start to finish.

Client Fireside Chat With Foot Anstey

Alex Mangan  Sales Executive, Thomson Reuters
Jamie Windsor – Client Solutions Assistant Manager, Foot Anstey

  • Learn from Foot Anstey's Jamie Windsor about their HighQ journey
  • Understand why Foot Anstey uses HighQ & gain adoption tips
  • Hear about successful projects showcased by Foot Anstey.

Empowering The Future of Law: How GenAI-Powered Legal Tools Accelerate Work And Elevate Strategic Thinking

Sarah Tai –  AI Team Lead, Thomson Reuters

  • Discover how GenAI-powered legal tools are transforming the legal industry & empowering lawyers to focus on higher-value, strategic work
  • Understand the 8 foundational legal skills essential for success in the digital age
  • See why over 1,400 clients trust the platform to streamline legal workflows & enhance client service.

The Thomson Reuters Generative AI Vision - Transforming The Practice of Law by Redefining Legal Work

Cat Kidd –  Director, Inbound Product Management, Legal Tech, Thomson Reuters
Lisa Newton – Director, Portfolio Program Management, Product Marketing, Thomson Reuters

  • Learn about Thomson Reuters' 30-year investment in AI for legal work & how this supports the future of professionals
  • Understand the Gen AI technology vision: combining human expertise with AI for validated, authoritative results
  • Gain insight into Thomson Reuters' commitment to security, trust, & transparency in AI-powered legal solutions.

Document Automation – It’s Here to Stay, And It’s Found a Friend…

Mark Cullen – Sr. Director, Product Management, Thomson Reuters

  • Learn about the latest developments in document automation revolutionising the legal industry
  • Understand new AI-powered tools & streamlined workflows in document automation
  • Master document automation to stay ahead of the curve.

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