Agenda 2022

The ‘Egress’ Main Stage Led by Professor Richard Susskind OBE, will explore the current accelerating macro effects on the world of legal technology.

In addition, the stage will evaluate the current economic and risk landscape and what this means for businesses and management teams ahead.

The Main Stage speakers will evaluate the future of the professions and technological acceleration that has transpired over the past 18 months, whilst evaluating what a modern hybrid legal department looks like now. In addition, it will explore, how the metaverse world has infinite possibilities but what does this mean for professional services? The 2022 agenda led by Prof. Richard Susskind, will look at the technological landscape, automation to innovation and how the legal sector needs to truly understand their new culture, and how data and client services have transformed for a more collaborative future.

Time Schedule Speakers

Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

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Where Law Meets Technology: A Managing Partner's View

Speaker To be Announced


Top Level View From the CIO

Speaker To be Announced

  • The Journey
  • Changes
  • Challenges
  • Impacts
  • The Future.

Sponsor Showcase

Tony Pepper – CEO & Co-Founder, Egress Software Technologies


Interview with Prof. Richard Susskind

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law
Joshua Rozenberg QC – British Solicitor, Legal Commentator & Journalist

  • Increasingly capable technologies – from telepresence to artificial intelligence
  • Reshape justice for the benefit of the public.



Human Power - Thriving in an Age of Technology & Turmoil

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger  – Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, Oxford Internet Institute

  • What humans can do vs what data and machine learning can't do.
  • Better symbiosis between technology
  • Imagination with a purpose
  • Finding the right combination or imaginative piece to give you the right solution, computers cannot do this.

Event Partner Showcase

Speaker TBC – Tessian


Step Inside the Metaverse

Dr Mark van Rijmenam – The Digital Speaker, Future Tech Strategist


Keynote Panel - Q&A

Prof. Richard Susskind OBE, interviews the panel on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote. During this discussion, audience members are offered an opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam – The Digital Speaker, Future Tech Strategist
Viktor Mayer-Schönberger  – Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, Oxford Internet Institute
Eleanor Weaver – CEO, Luminance
Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Chair)


Conference Chairman's Closing Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented during 'The British Legal Technology Forum 2022'.


The ‘Lexis+’ Lounge Stage – Chaired by Christina Blacklaws, will explore adapting to the changing legal landscape, resilience, the view from the CIO and CTOs, collaboration and In-House Tech Innovation.

The sessions will explore collaboration and the continued resilience that teams and firms need to manoeuvre the current undulating legal landscape. The stage will also explore In-House legal teams and the tech innovation that is upon them and how they can navigate uncertain waters in collaboration with their firms.

The ‘Lexis+’ Lounge stage will continue to dissect the challenges faced by legal management from increased technological acceleration including scalability and retention in climate where war for talent is at its precipice.

Speakers will also review the regulation of LegalTech needed to evolve against the rapid pace of change in LegalTech within the legal sector to drive competitiveness whilst challenging past and current status quos.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair’s Opening Remarks

Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting

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Legal Tech: Fairytale vs Dystopian Tale

Simon McArdle Commercial Partner, Shoosmiths

  • Expectation of an on-line hub presence
  • Lawyer to Lawyer collaboration – learning to work together
  • Understanding the Augmented Lawyer, keeping the people but using legal tech to enhance the process
  • Client relationships & expectation.

Stage Sponsor Showcase

Jon English – Solicitor, LexisNexis


2030: Security Leadership in Professional Services

Christian Toon – CISO, Pinsent Masons 

  • Our history that has lead us here
  • Mental Health, our own & that of our teams
  • Technical Capability, knowing your AI from your LA
  • Management Abilities, the 3 P’s
  • Recognition & Remuneration, the war on talent.

Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC –  Intapp


Fireside Chat: Balancing Innovation With Client and User Demand vs Balancing The Needs of Hybrid Teams

Andrew Powell – CIO, Macfarlanes
Karen Jacks– CTO, Bird & Bird
Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting (Chair)

  • Challenges
  • Hybrid
  • Supply Chain
  • Legacy.



PANEL: In-House Legal Tech - Don't be Fooled by The Sales Cycle

Kerry Westland  – Head of Innovation and Legal Tech, Addleshaw Goddard (Facilitator)

  • Challenges of bringing in new tech & implementing it firm-wide successfully
  • Understanding time & resource constraints of in-house teams
  • In-house vs private practice in terms of tech lifecycle.

Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – Relativity


PANEL: Innovation - Universities (up and coming innovation)

Panel To Be Announced
Professor Richard Susskind OBE
– President, Society for Computers & Law (Chair)


PANEL: Legal Operations

Janice D’Costa – Head of Legal Operations, Meta
Ian Gilbert – Director of Legal Operations, Herbert Smith Freehills
Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Chair)

  • Cost controls; billable vs alternative fee arrangements
  • Optimize Performance; improving management of legal spend
  • Increase internal specialisation.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'Lexis+' Lounge Stage.


The ‘iManage’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by David Fazakerley, Director of IT, Saffery Champness, will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are enhancing innovation and accelerating digital transformation across the full legal profession.
The sessions will explore the future of technology and the ramifications of supercomputing & connectivity. The speakers will also explore the evolving threat landscape, and advancements in cyber-attacks with malicious intent including the rise in widespread social engineering fraud in a high-level panel. In addition, the chair will dissect client-centric design and delivery with leading legal IT suppliers and clients alike.
Speakers will evaluate the increased customer demand and adoption of cloud-based offerings, and new tech infrastructures to support changed and new agile ways of working, whilst reflecting on the rapid journey to the cloud and shifts in digital transformation strategies.
Delving into the next generation of law and AI, forward-thinking sessions will highlight the advancements being made, and what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow. Speakers will share research and insights into responsibly designed service robots, whilst revisiting the future of the profession and how current research is influencing industry legislation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

David Fazakerley – IT Director, Saffery Champness

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2030: A Coming Decade in Connectivity: High Performance Computing, Quantum and the Future of Law

Eric Hunter – CTO, Bradford & Barthel

  • Supercomputing & connectivity ramifications over the coming decade
  • SpaceX, Starlink, 5G & the business ramifications within coming evolutions in connectivity
  • Systems & behavioural evolutions within the global legal practice & the business of law.

Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – PracticeEvolve


Digital Cultural Transformation

Speaker TBC

  • Optimising data as a growth & innovation enabler to drive customer experience

Stage Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC, iManage


Blue Sky Thinking or Reality: We Are Living it

Lisa Forte – Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security
Jake Moore – Global CyberSecurity Advisor, ESET
Sarah Armstrong Smith – Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft
David Fazakerley – IT Director, Saffery Champness (Chair)

  • Ransomware
  • The Threat Landscape
  • Humans & Culture.



PANEL: An Era of Transformational & innovative Change – The Vendor Perspective

iManage Representative
LexisNexis Representative
Newgen Representative
David Fazakerly
– IT Director, Saffery Champness (Chair)

  • Debate the potential of digital disruption in law & opportunities for growth
  • Consider how the legal sector can future proof
  • What market demands they are seeing & what challenges they are facing
  • What the future landscape looks like & how to work with vendors in an agile world.

The Future of Work is Hybrid

Ryan Prins – Business Senior Sales Manager, Philips Dictation

  • Work from anywhere at anytime & anyplace - BYOD
  • Ensure highest levels of security for your business & customers
  • Spend less time on administration & more time with your clients
  • Intelligent document creation solutions to support your new way of working
  • Solutions to automate your document creation.

5G Transformation on the World of Work

Speaker TBC

  • 5G networks the cornerstone of edge computing
  • Future of Client Services: better connectivity, higher speeds, & less latency
  • Paving the way for developments like smart cities, AI-enabled customer service or personalization systems.

Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – Salesforce / Introhive


The Quantum Race is Underway

Speaker TBC


Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

David Fazakerley – IT Director, Saffery Champness

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘iManage’ FutureTech Stage.


The ‘Moxo’ Innovation Stage – Chaired by Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK, will explore current systems, processes, and solutions available for the future of UK innovation in the legal market, the debate hype, and elevated expectations, whilst exploring the rise of collaborative transformation strategies between clients and suppliers.

In addition, the sessions will reflect on the continued reinvention across legal services, the true nature of threats and vulnerabilities to support positive innovations, AI-Driven data processes and business change opportunities.

Speakers will deliberate the balancing of risk-taking with risk aversion; the tightening of security strategies vs the need to be open to taking risks for market differentiation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

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Future for UK Innovation

Sue Daley Director of Tech and Innovation, techUK

  • Industry 4.0: How we embrace it & how we leverage it
  • What this means for businesses
  • The talent, ethics & regulation needed to keep pace with the waves of change that will keep coming our way

Connected, Collaborative and in the Cloud: How Innovation in eDiscovery Creates Clarity

Jess Wu – Customer Success Manager, Customer Experience, Everlaw


Stage Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – Moxo


Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – Prosperoware


Quantifying ROI on Security Awareness and the Human Factor

Tim Ward – CEO & Co-Founder, Think Cyber Security

  • What isn’t working about traditional approaches to awareness
  • Approaches that support people too soon, too late & at just the right time
  • What the behavioural science tells us we should do
  • Actionable insights to deliver measurable secure behaviours & gain that ROI.



Leading Complex Technology Enabled Business Change

Emily Foges – Global Lead Partner for Legal Managed Services, Deloitte 

  • Leadership principles in a digitalized world
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Thinking about innovation in a different way
  • Ascertaining value.

Innovation Stage: Why Formulate a Cybersecurity Action Plan?

Andy Lalaguna – Senior Solutions Architect, eSentire

  • Who is eSentire - Authority in MDR + how / why do we do MD
  • Why do cybersecurity at all - Ransomware & Data Breaches
  • Example Incident
  • How you will stand your ground together with eSentire.

Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – iManage


Sponsor Showcase

Speaker TBC – Access Group


AI-Powered Legal Process Automation: Maintaining Compliance, Driving Profitability and Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Jaeger Glucina Managing Director, Luminance Technologies

  • Find out how Luminance’s AI is helping over 450 law firms & global organisations to enhance & expedite the full spectrum of legal document processing, from taking a first pass review of any incoming contract to understanding key features & compliance within executed agreements through to investigations & litigation
  • Discussion on the benefits of automating legal processes & how it allows legal professionals to focus their attention on high-value work & analysis
  • Explore how AI can be adopted by legal teams to best effect, with advanced technology helping to maintain compliance, drive profitability & gain a competitive advantage throughout negotiations.

PANEL: The New Generation of Cyber-threats

Toks Oladuti – Dentons
Karl Knowles – Global Head of Cyber and Service Delivery, HFW

Valerie Jenkins – CISO, Clyde & Co
Tash Norris -Head of Cyber Security, Moonpig
Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law (Chair)

  • New approaches to cyber defence
  • Ensuring business continuity & a proactive stance against emerging threats
  • Balancing of risk-taking with risk aversion
  • Resilient supply chain; what’s the reality?

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘Moxo’ Innovation Stage.


The ‘Thomson Reuters’ Insights Stage – In addition to Thomson Reuters’ leaders sharing trends, insights and our future vision, we’ll have clients discussing their tech adoption strategy and showcasing successful projects.

It’s time to empower your problem-solvers.

Legal professionals have always been problem-solvers. Identifying issues. Sifting facts. Seeing solutions. Yet, in a fast-moving world, they also need to be your wide-angle lens. Awake to unseen risks. Aware of the bigger picture. Alive to strategic realities.

This entails endless leg work to chase down every detail and manage every matter; and ‘busy work’ like this is the enemy of efficiency. Your organisation can only operate as fast as your people can assimilate information, overcome problems and find answers.

We’re here to help you see past the problem

Legal organisations across the globe are embracing technology as never before, to inform insights and see past every problem sooner. With our suite of legal intelligence and workflow solutions, we’re here to help you move on to what comes next.

Visit our stand to find out how we can help you and your team today.

Time Schedule Speakers

Thomson Reuters LegalTech Vision presented by Kriti Sharma (30 mins + 15 mins Q&A)

Kriti Sharma Chief Product Officer, LegalTech, Thomson Reuters

  • Join Kriti to hear first-hand about the industry trends that have guided her product vision and strategy. She’ll share her ideas for a connected legal ecosystem; one that is centered around a simplified client experience, machine learning and AI that will help you drive actionable insights. Learn how her team are building a more open platform that will fully integrate with a broader range of legal technology.
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Why HighQ? – a project showcase with Bird & Bird (30 mins + 15 mins Q&A)

Ben Firth – HighQ Client Management Lead, Thomson Reuters
Kathryn Pearson – Head of Knowledge and Client Service Solution, Bird & Bird
Eric Sham – Legal Tech Solutions Manager, Bird & Bird

  • Join Ben Firth, from Thomson Reuters for this enlightening talk with Bird & Bird’s Kathryn Pearson and Eric Sham about their HighQ journey. During this informal chat, Kathryn and Eric will explain why they use HighQ, share their adoption tips and showcase examples of a few of Bird & Bird’s most successful projects.



Cloud First Strategies are the new norm – but do they work? (30 mins + 15 mins Q&A)

Panel to be Announced

  • Join our diverse customer panel to hear them discuss the pros and cons of a Cloud first strategy. How has this affected their buying decisions and what impact has this had on their business's operational effectiveness.

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