Agenda 2023

The ‘Egress’ Main Stage Led by Professor Richard Susskind OBE, will explore the growth of the Big 4 and how clients now see innovation.

In addition, the stage will explore how the current climate is changing the face of firms and the needs of clients at an accelerated pace. Key thought leaders, will additionally evaluate the status of VR and Augmented reality and there true value for the profession within the 4th Industrial revolution.

The 2023 agenda lead by Prof Richard Susskind, will delve into the technological landscape, including how the legal sector needs to truly understand their new hybrid culture, and how data and client services has transformed for a more collaborative future.

Time Schedule Speakers

Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

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UK Lawtech in the 2020s

Jenifer Swallow

  • Current landscape including innovation and Crystallisation
  • Where we are and where we are heading
  • Governance and why we are here .

A legal CIO: Predictions and Reflections

Daniel Pollick – CIO, DWF

  • Review Lexpo 2016 predictions tech/Legal IT for 2026 - what was right, what I got wrong, what I completely missed
  • Revised predictions for 2030
  • Make some observations about Legal IT and leadership, after almost 30 years in leadership roles in legal.

Technology and Innovation in Legal Services

Bruce Braude – CTO, Deloitte
Sulabh Soral – Chief AI Officer, Deloitte

  • The vision for the future of legal services
  • Advancements in AI technology

Email security in the legal industry: Threat trends, attack examples, and how to enhance your defenses

Jack Chapman, VP, Threat Intelligence Egress Software

  • How inbound and outbound threats are a major risk to the legal industry
  • Live analysis of real phishing examples that have impacted law firms
  • How you can protect your firm through advanced detection and change end user behavior



Where Law Meets Technology: A Managing Partner's View

Tamara Box  – Managing Partner EMEA, Reed Smith


Event Partner Sponsor Showcase

Speaker information coming soon – Tessian


KEYNOTE: Fireside Chat

Steven Bartlett – Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author & Host of ‘The Diary Of A CEO’ Podcast
Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

  • Digital and technological shifts
  • Emerging technology shaping the future
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Resilient leadership.

Conference Chairman's Closing Remarks

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Conference Chairman)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented during 'The British Legal Technology Forum 2023'.


The ‘Iron Mountain’ Lounge Stage – Chaired by Christina Blacklaws, CEO, Blacklaws Consulting, will explore the current state of the Legal Technology landscape within the UK and International markets and why investment into this sector is is now essential for survival through the challenging climate ahead.

The sessions will explore the necessity of creating a single point of truth and reference, to streamline multiapplication’ s for true business visibility and business continuity. In addition,  embedding critical digital upskilling of firm lawyers to meet the exponential growth in client demands.

The Lounge stage, will continue to dissect the challenges faced by legal management from client requests, and how teams can support the client transformation journeys in a climate where the war for talent is at its precipice.

Speakers will also review the regulation of LegalTech to drive competitiveness, whilst challenging past and current status quos and delivering unbiased and true transformational change.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair’s Opening Remarks

Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting

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The state of Legal Technology in 2023: more people, more new roles, more investment

David wood – Productised Services Consultant, Simmons & Simmons

  • People and changing organisation charts
  • Business impact and opportunities
  • What clients are saying about these changes
  • Our legal market
  • Beyond the legal market and being competitive
  • Looking ahead.

From Paper to AI: The Evolution of Legal Data Management

Aditya Udas – Head of Digital Commercial,  Iron Mountain


Data: All Fur Coat And no Data

Raj Boora, Information ArchitectPinsent Masons

  • Creating the single source of the truth
  • Fusing multiple applications and databases (is data really becoming an Asset for firms and their clients)
  • data the ‘new oil’?
  • Combatting the multiplication of different apps and sources: should be getting simpler but is getting more complex
  • Use of PowerBI standardising data taxonomy and categorisation.

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PANEL DISCUSSION – Tech Adoption & Digital Upskilling

Paul Hogg – Senior Legal Transformation manager, HSF
Tuna Kutsal – Senior Manager, Legal Operations Advisory, HSF

  • What IT training looks like in 2023
  • New approaches to adoption, training & communication
  • How do lawyers learn best in the 2020’s
  • Digital Upskilling a business-critical issue
  • How do IT find the time to focus on upskilling / training?
  • The client angle – what do clients expect and demand from their lawyers?



Leveraging Digital Transformation and Advancing Services beyond Law

Speaking information coming soon 

  • Emerging new roles within law firms
  • Supporting clients digital transformation journey
  • What do clients expect from their law firms.

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Speaker information coming soon – Immediation 


Eliminate Gender Bias in Contracts

Speaker information coming soon


A Journey of Transformation

Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting – Norton Rose Fulbright
Chris Grant  – Head of Legal Market Engagement – HSBC
Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting (Chair)

  • A client case study

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the 'Iron Mountain' Lounge Stage.


The ‘Quorum Cyber’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by David Fazakerley, Director of IT, Saffery Champness, will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are shaping and accelerating digital transformation across the national and global legal profession.

The sessions will explore the future of technology and the evolving ramifications of the Metaverse on the legal profession. Featuring breakthrough conversations surrounding advanced AI chatbot technology such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and Machine Learning.  The Speakers will also explore the evolving threat landscape, including the widespread rise of social engineering fraud. In addition, the chair will dissect client-centric design and delivery with leading legal IT suppliers and clients alike.

Delving into the next generation of law and AI, forward-thinking sessions will highlight the advancements being made, and what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow. Speakers will share research and insights into responsibly designed advancements in new CRMs and more, whilst revisiting the future of the profession and how current research is influencing industry legislation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

David Fazakerley – IT Director, Saffery Champness

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Legal Services now in the Metaverse

Professor Lisa Wilson (Chair)
Jed Stone – Director of Issured Limited, Co-Founder MEA Connexus
Speaker announcements coming soon

  • What is the metaverse and why should I care?
  • The future vision of the legal services in an open virtual world
  • The benefits of remote working, virtual offices, legal hearings, connection, collaboration, security, evidentiary trails, and greater efficiency?
  • Entering and operating in the metaverse: The technologies and their developments
  • New business models emerging in the metaverse.
  • Does the law need to change?
  • What do I do right now?

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The View from the Managing Partner

Conrad Davies, Managing Partner – Osborne Clarke


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Speaker information coming soon  – Quorum Cyber 


PANEL DISCUSSION: Back to the Future - Does the Legal Sector need the DeLorean

Caroline Hill – (Chair) Editor in Chief, Legal IT Insider
Mo Ajaz – Founder, LEx 360
April Brousseau – Director of Research and Development, Clifford Chance Research & Development Hub
Daniel Pollick – CIO, DLA Piper
Nathan Hayes – IT Director, Osborne Clarke

  • Reflecting on changes and advancements over the decades
  • Reoccurring challenges facing legal leaders
  • What would the legal industry change if it could go back in time
  • Are we blindsided by technological hype…



PANEL DISCUSSION: The view from the Vendors

Aditya Udas – Vice President – Head of Digital Commercial, Iron Mountain
Federico Charosky – Founder & CEO, Quorum Cyber
Speaker announcement coming soon – Litera
David Fazakerley – IT Director, Saffery Champness (Chair)

  • Debate the potential of digital / technical disruption in law and Technology and opportunities for growth
  • Consider how the legal sector can future proof
  • What market demands they are seeing & what challenges they are facing
  • What the future landscape looks like & how to work with vendors in an agile world.

Sponsor showcase

Speaker announcement coming soon – iManage


Innovation Enablers - Technology & Enterprise Architecture Trends

Dale Hodgkinson – Head of Strategy and Architecture, Slaughter and May

  • Fundamental shifts redefining the digital era
  • New applications for lawyers and firms
  • BYOD programme advancements
  • 2024: Windows 12 - everything we know so far.

Legal Workflow of the Future

Jill Schornack – Vice president of Product, NetDocuments 

  • Supporting Legal Professionals where they work
  • Automating Document Creation and Workflow
  • Harnessing Platform Intelligence
  • The Future of M365 Experiences

PANEL DISCUSSION: Legal R&D - Behind the Scenes with Legal Academics

 Professor Katie Atkinson BSc – PhD Professor of Computer Science and Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Liverpool
Ola Olusanya – Reader and Director of Learning and Teaching at Department of Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University


Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

David Fazakerley – IT Director, Saffery Champness

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on the ‘iManage’ FutureTech Stage.


The ‘Litera’ Innovation Stage – Chaired by Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK, will demonstrate current and new systems, processes, and solutions available for the future of UK Innovation and Automation in the legal market.

Through panel discussions and presentations this stage will debate workplace culture and hybrid working models. Key speakers will explore the exciting opportunities and innovations that new technologies offer legal services recently launched in virtual worlds and the metaverse.

Led by Peter, speakers will offer insights into emerging operating systems, infrastructure and applications, whilst reflecting and exploring the evolving threats powering expansive and sophisticated attacks on firms.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair's Opening Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law

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Disruptive Technology & AI Reforms

Professor Richard Susskind OBE – President, Society for Computers & Law (Panel Chairman)
Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE – Speaker AI and Creative Industries – UK, China, Middle East
Alexandra Lennox – Director, LawtechUK
Mark O’ConorPartner, Global Co-Chair of the Technology Sector, DLA Piper

  • Reflecting on the progress of AI adoption
  • What we can anticipate for the year ahead
  • The profound impact of AI regulation

(Zen and the art of) Making Your Enterprise Ready for No-Code

Ben Nicholson – Founder, Sharedo

  • What will case & matter management systems look like in 10 years time as we approach the end of the Information Age
  • Saying goodbye to ‘copy & paste’ data entry
  • Best of both worlds – Designing a CMS for both people & machines
  • Solving information overload
  • Completing the journey of straight through processing – putting the car back on the Scalextric track
  • Squeezing the final juices out of Big Data & Lean Six Sigma
  • So what do we do now all this friction has been removed.

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Adam Ryan – VP Product Management, Litera
Alan Taylor – Chief Corporate Development Officer, Litera


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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Henry Ajder – Generative AI Expert & Technology Broadcaster, Ajder Advisory 

Toby Bond – Partner, Bird & Bird 

More announcements coming soon

  • Quantum Internet, Quantum Computing and Quantum-Safe Cryptography
  • Investment + Regulation + Application
  • Advanced Artificial intelligence & technologies of tomorrow

Ransomware Recovery: How to Recover From an Attack Without Spending Weeks Restoring From Backups

Chris Rogers  – Technology Evangelist, Zerto

  • Last year saw a record number of ransomware incidents, and there are predictions that by 2031 there will be a ransomware attack every 2 seconds. Never has the adage "it's not only if, but when, and how many" been more appropriately applied.
  • Like a virus, ransomware and the tactics of its perpetrators is constantly evolving. The modern enterprise has an enormous attack surface and there will always be a new way in. The question then becomes, how do we prevent or limit the damage?
  • During this presentation, we'll be looking at how ransomware is changing, where it is likely to go next, how to recover from an attack and how solutions like continuous data protection may present the best defence.

Beyond Human: Exploring the Power of AI and Automation in the New Age of Cybersecurity

Drew Perry, Chief Innovation Officer – Ontinue

  • Unleashing the power of AI to automate daily job functions.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Power Platform to rapidly operationalise your ideas.
  • Understanding what can be automated and what still requires the human brain.
  • Exploring ChatGPT/GPT4 which are changing the face of cybersecurity and the legal sector forever.

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Speaking announcement coming soon – Arctic Wolf 


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Speaking announcement coming soon – iManage


Bridging the Divide or Intensifying the Conflict? C-Suite Offence vs Defence

Karen Jacks – CTO, Bird & Bird
Speaking announcement coming soon

  • Debate the separation of roles whilst highlighting the need for strategic alignment
  • Mitigating conflict of interests in order to achieve the highest standards of secure legal services
  • Harmonising and redefining the CEO-CISO-CIO relationship going forward.

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, Digital Law



The ‘Thomson Reuters’ Insights Stage – will explore how to utilise both today and tomorrow’s technology in a practical way for those aiming to drive productivity and efficiency in their organisation.

Through panel sessions, research presentations and fireside chats, this stage will provide real-life figures and examples of how innovation influences the business strategy of today’s firms and legal departments, and which technology trends will influence the future of the legal industry. These speakers will explore the future of firm/client interactions, where next-generation technologies are likely to fit into daily work, and how to plan for technology that also accounts for people and process considerations.

Each of the four sessions of the Insights Stage aim to provide ideas and leadership to those exploring innovation within their own organisation. Throughout the forum, this stage will deliver key takeaways for decision-makers that allow them to advance and modernise their next technology projects.

Time Schedule Speakers

Opening Remarks - The 'Thomson Reuters' Private Stage

Thomson Reuters is a leading provider of business information services. Our products include highly specialized information-enabled software and tools for legal, tax, accounting and compliance professionals combined with the world’s most global news service – Reuters. For more information on Thomson Reuters, visit and for the latest world news,

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