2024 Stage Overviews


The ‘Egress’ Main Stage – Led by Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon), will set the scene for the day with a ‘view from the CDO’ who will explore the current landscape including key innovators and disruptors within the firm and the sector.

In addition, regulators will explore regulatory responsibility of legaltech, looking to the exponential growth of AI, including how professional privilege must be protected in the future regulation of AI and facilitate collaboration to ease uncertainties.

The 2024 agenda will continue to discuss and debate how the legal sector needs to truly understand the amalgamation of fast-moving tech and embedded culture, and how data and client services has transformed for a more competitive and collaborative future.

The ‘Iron Mountain’ Lounge Stage – Chaired by Christina Blacklaws, will explore embracing a people centric approach and the high-level returns of working with an empowered digital workforce and how this will shape the legal profession. The speakers will debate the impact of not only digital and technological transformation but also ethical awareness, social responsibility and human connection.

Speakers will challenge the audience on the risks and opportunities for new skills, the new mindset needed, and behavioural traits expected to thrive in an evolving digital era.

The sessions will delve into analysing data insights to align legal business strategies with transformation drivers. Will AI tooling equal hyper productivity? Speakers will examine this and the vital role that data gives for a competitive edge in innovation, customer experience, operational excellence, and more, including where chatbots and AI have unintended consequences. Speakers will also review the pros and cons of Adaptation vs Evolution to unlock profitable growth via centring client relationships and internal strategic alliances for the betterment of the business.


The ‘Deazy’ Innovation Stage Chaired by Christian Toon will demonstrate current and new systems, processes, and solutions available for the future of UK Innovation and Automation in the legal market.

Through panel discussions and presentations this stage will debate legacy thinking, systems, culture and the future workforce. Key speakers will explore the business transformation of law and the exciting opportunities and innovations that new technologies can offer legal services.

Led by Christian, speakers will offer insights into emerging operating systems, infrastructure and applications, whilst reflecting on the era of advanced practical Generative AI and how this is now at the forefront of client led offerings.


The ‘Telstra’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by Jenifer Swallow, will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are shaping and accelerating digital transformation across the national and global legal profession.

The sessions will explore the arena of buy, build or do both and integrate whilst diving into the long-term benefits of bespoke / tailored software for firms and open the debate for and against these solutions.

This stage and key speakers will open breakthrough conversations on the truth behind LLM’s, Gen AI and their current and future use in Law Firms, with technology that is evolving at such an exponential rate, will this be a help or hindrance when integrating at a high level?

Speakers will also debate the human skills needed for the machine age & talent for survival by harnessing development in ‘soft skills’ areas such as adaptability, problem-solving, creativity and leadership. Sessions will then continue to explore the next generation of law and AI, whilst highlight the advancements being made, and what can and will be achieved for the legal community of tomorrow.


The ‘Thomson Reuters’ Insights Stage – will explore how to utilise both today and tomorrow’s technology in a practical way for those aiming to drive productivity and efficiency in their organisation.

Through panel sessions, research presentations and fireside chats, this stage will provide real-life figures and examples of how innovation influences the business strategy of today’s firms and legal departments, and which technology trends will influence the future of the legal industry. Key speakers will explore, the future of firm/client interactions, where next-generation technologies are likely to fit into daily work, and how to plan for technology that also accounts for people and process considerations.

Each of the four sessions of the Insights Stage aim to provide ideas and leadership to those exploring innovation within their own organisation. Throughout the forum, this stage will deliver key takeaways for decision-makers that allow them to advance and modernise their next technology projects.

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