Turning the Conventional Law Firm Structure on Its Head – Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency

By taking a different approach to the conventional practice of law, Culhane Meadows has found ways to deliver exceptional, highly efficient client service using innovative technology combined with top-notch legal counsel, thereby creating a new business model for the legal profession.

Transforming Big Law into Smart Law The firm of Culhane Meadows was formed in 2013 by four attorneys leaving a larger firm. They invited several colleagues in four other cities from that same firm to join them with the goal of forming a more cohesive collaborative law firm environment where attorneys could deliver high-quality legal services with minimal operating expenses. To do this, the firm has leveraged emerging technologies and eliminated costly overhead (no extravagant offices, superfluous support staff or other expenses that bring little value or benefit to clients).

 At Culhane Meadows, legal services are provided exclusively by partner-level attorneys who have substantial experience in large law firms and as in-house counsel for respected corporations. Like its traditional law firm counterparts, Culhane Meadows has created a working environment that encourages deep collaboration among attorneys across all geographies. Unlike traditional law firms, Culhane Meadows’ clients enjoy significant cost-related efficiencies because there are no associates learning their craft on the client’s dime and office space is available for use on an a la carte basis, eliminating costly, long-term lease obligations. The firm’s partners work remotely, coming to their local offices at least once a month for regularly scheduled office meetings or for firm-hosted client meetings.

As is common with large firms, Culhane Meadows has created a working environment that advocates for attorneys to work together regardless of an individual practitioner’s location.

The founders reconfigured the conventional law practice financial models to encourage firmwide collaboration without the fear of losing client credit by sharing client contacts and working new business together. Both attorneys originating business and attorneys working on client matters receive fair compensation based on an objective formula. Read More

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