What’s Stopping You Moving to the Cloud? – 8 Key Reasons Enterprise Businesses Are Not Migrating to the Cloud [SOLVED]

Reason 1: Don’t know how to migrate

That’s ok – you’re not alone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many companies and requires skills and experience that many people don’t have.​

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Fortunately for you, we do and it’s what we’ve been doing for over 15 years.

Your options include:

Reason 2: It’s too expensive

Consider the cost of not migrating:

  • Will you fall behind your competitors in business agility?
  • Will any remote workers have better productivity and job satisfaction working for someone else?
  • Will you continue to be reliant on legacy equipment and the risk / cost of maintaining them?
  • Are you reliant on on-premises software (note that Microsoft 365 platforms have functionality in some cases months or years in advance of their on-premises equivalents)?

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

There are many ways to get the benefits of Cloud Office and it can cost less than you think – and the risk is even lower if you use our fixed price service to complete your migration. The value we’ve seen customers gain from migrating far outweighs their investment in the long term performance of their company.

Reason 3: I can’t trust the security

Microsoft 365 security infrastructure is ever growing, with functions that monitor and alert across your entire data and network. The capability and scale their service provides makes it almost impossible for you to replicate your security to this level on your own.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Transvault ensures your move to Microsoft 365 is secure, through encrypted data transfer and using our software that has been independently penetration tested and certified by Microsoft themselves.

Reason 4: Disruption to business & users

A migration could risk some disruption to your business and users, but that’s only if the project is managed incorrectly.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

We strongly recommend that you utilise one of our specialist Partners to manage your cloud migration.

Over the years, we’ve experienced all sizes and types of business and their user requirements. While every business is unique, there will most likely be a high match to a migration we’ve experienced before and we can tailor to your needs. We understand the importance of limiting end-user and organizational impact, communicating progress and plans clearly.

Our migrations maintain the high fidelity of your original email, using our unique processing capabilities to ensure your users’ transition is seamless. Moving to your Cloud Office unlocks significant business benefits, including productivity enhancements for your users.

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