The Benefits of PitchPerfect RFP Automation

Finding the correct and up-to-date content to insert into a prospective client’s RFI and RFP or tender document can be difficult, time consuming and stressful. Enable saw that in addition to the ability to produce high quality branded pitch and proposal documentation, for the complete proposal solution, it is also necessary to be able to respond to client-provided templates. Enable therefore further developed their PitchPerfect solution to encompass the ability to streamline the request for proposal process allowing your firm more time to tailor specific content when giving responses.

Our RFI and RFP functionality

The PitchPerfect Smart RFI functionality can be used to insert any content from any PitchPerfect SharePoint list into an external document (non PitchPerfect) either as plain text, in a table format or a combination of both.

Typically, we will create an RFI/RFP list in SharePoint which will contain frequently asked questions and best practice answers, to use as a starting point. Multiple RFI/RFP searches can be configured to search for content across any SharePoint list. “Keyword” searches against content leveraging SharePoint functionality can also be done on all content and past responses.

The PitchPerfect Smart RFI and RFP feature therefore provides that content can be searched and inserted into Excel and other documents enabling your firm to create, deploy, and manage detailed and accurate RFP responses, quickly and effectively.

Our services can help you

  • Experience
  • Past Proposals
  • Search predetermined questions and past answers
  • Insert your PitchPerfect client specific content into any client template and/or table or in plain text

The benefits of RFP automation

  • Answer RFI/RFP questions faster and more effectively
  • Accuracy and consistency
  • Centralised storage software for all proposals
  • Easy collaboration from various departments on the same document
  • Save time

For the purposes of creating pitch and proposal documents and for answering RFI and RFPs for prospective work, law firms need the ability to access up to date expertise, industry relevant and accurate content quickly. PitchPerfect makes this happen.

To find out how the Business Development and Marketing teams in your law firm could benefit from our RFI and RFP automation software call us on +44 (0) 20 3743 9626, email us on or alternatively make an online enquiry here and we will contact you.

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