2022 Stage Overviews


The ‘Egress’ Main Stage – Led by Professor Richard Susskind OBE, will explore the current accelerating macro effects on the world of legal technology.

In addition, the stage will evaluate the current economic and risk landscape and what this means for businesses and management teams ahead.

The Main Stage speakers will evaluate the future of the professions and technological acceleration that has transpired over the past 18months, whilst evaluating what a modern hybrid legal department looks like now. In addition, it will explore, how the metaverse world has infinite possibilities but what does this mean for professional services? The 2022 agenda lead by Prof Richard Susskind, will look at technological landscape, automation to innovation and how the legal sector needs to truly understand their new culture, and how data and client services has transformed for a more collaborative future.


The ‘LexisNexis’ Lounge Stage – Will explore adapting to the changing legal landscape, resilience, the view from the CTO’s, collaboration and In-House Tech Innovation.

The sessions will explore embedding change and the resilience needed by the profession whilst adapting to the changing legal landscape. The stage will also explore how collaboration and the centralising of client services is essential for the shaping of law firm delivery.

The Lounge stage will dissect the challenges faced by the legal management teams with effects of Brexit and the technological acceleration of technology strategic planning during a period of increased adoption. Speakers will also review the regulation of LegalTech needed to evolve against the rapid pace of change in LegalTech within the legal sector to drive competitiveness whilst challenging past and current status quos.


The ‘Moxo’ Innovation Stage Chaired by Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLawUK, will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession, whilst looking at new technology available to the future lawyer. Speakers will discuss innovation as a buzzword in the legal market and debate hype and high expectations, whilst exploring the rise of transformation roles.

In addition, the sessions will reflect on the rapid reinvention across legal services, and the true nature of threats and vulnerabilities to support positive innovations and opportunities.

Speakers will deliberate the balancing of risk-taking with risk aversion; the tightening of security strategies vs need to be open to taking risks for market differentiation.


The ‘iManage’ FutureTech Stage – Chaired by David Fazakerley, In-House Legal CIO, CTS, will look at the future technologies, systems and processes, which are enhancing innovation and accelerating digital transformation across the legal profession.

The sessions will explore the evolving threat landscape, and advancements in cyber-attacks with malicious intent including the rise in widespread social engineering fraud. In addition, we’ll hear from leading legal IT suppliers and clients alike, delving into client-centric design and delivery.

Speakers will evaluate the increased customer demand and adoption of cloud-based offerings, and new tech infrastructures to support changed and new agile ways of working, whilst reflecting on the rapid journey to the cloud and shifts in digital transformation strategies.

Delving into the next generation of law and AI, forward-thinking sessions will highlight the advancements being made, and what is being achieved for the legal community of tomorrow. Speakers will share research and insights into responsibly designed service robots, whilst revisiting the future of the profession and how current research is influencing industry legislation.

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