Peter Wright

Managing Director

Digital Law UK

Peter Wright is a Solicitor and leading expert in Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Social Media Law. As Managing Director of DigitalLawUK, he advises clients from across the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America and has a strong following in the creative and digital sector. Clients include professional services firms, financial services and international retailers.

Shortlisted in the 2016 Law Society Excellence Awards, DigitalLawUK is the only specialist law firm in the UK to provide advice solely on Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Social Media Law and E – Commerce, advising corporate clients on the conduct of their business online. Through the innovative use of a smartphone Apps, a Podcast, social media and interactive training & education, DigitalLawUK has pioneered the use of technology to market and deliver legal services to its clients.

Prior to opening DigitalLawUK in 2014, Peter Wright advised HM Government on Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act matters. He is presently Chair of the Law Society’s Technology & Law Reference Group and is the Law Society Council Member for Yorkshire.

A sought-after speaker, Peter Wright has led seminars or spoken at numerous Conferences and events including the British Legal Technology Forum, the European Legal Cyber Security Forum, the London Law Expo, the Policy-UK Forum, the International Festival of Business and Chambers of Commerce. He regularly speaks at events for the Law Society and also for practitioner groups; including the Commerce and Industry Group, the Risk and Compliance Conference, the Law Management Section and the Sole Practitioners Group. He has also presented for Local Law Societies including Sheffield, Manchester, Exeter and Leeds. He has presented internationally for the European Young Bar Association, the American Bar Association, Hardwiring Freedom at Internet Days and at CPDP Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Brussels Conference 2017.

Peter is author of the Law Society Cyber Security Toolkit and hosts the DigitalLawUK podcast. You can follow Peter on Twitter at @DigitalLawUK and follow his blog at You can also download the DigitalLawUK App free for the iPhone.

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