Aimee Greene

Legal Operations Manager


Aimee Greene is currently serving as a Legal Operations Manager at PwC. With a solid foundation in law, Aimee earned her undergraduate degree in Law before further enriching her expertise with a Master’s Degree in Business and Technology. Her unique blend of legal acumen and business proficiency positions her as a key player in the dynamic intersection of law and technology.

In her current role as a Legal Project Manager within PwC, Aimee specializes in Third-Party Management & Due Diligence, demonstrating her commitment to ensuring the highest standards of compliance and risk mitigation. Her extensive experience extends to Regulatory Reform programs, where she has navigated complex regulatory landscapes with finesse, contributing to the success of impactful organizational initiatives.

Aimee’s proficiency also shines through in her adept management of UK Administration Processes, showcasing her ability to streamline operations and enhance efficiency within the legal domain. With a track record of delivering results in multifaceted legal environments, Aimee Greene stands as a dedicated professional contributing to PwC’s commitment to excellence in legal operations.

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