What is Audio Transcription?

Why Should You Use Audio Transcription?

Audio transcription

Audio transcription is the process of converting speech from an audio file to text. This could apply to any audio or voice recording, including those used for academic research, record-keeping, documentation, court hearings and much more!

The written record of any vocal conversation or spoken document is fundamentally what audio transcription is.

Benefits of Audio Transcription

Audio transcription can provide several benefits, including:

  • Accessibility: Transcribing audio recordings makes the content accessible to individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing, as they can read the transcript instead of relying on listening.
  • Convenience: Having a written transcript of an audio recording can make it easier to reference and review the content, particularly for those who prefer reading over listening.
  • Searchability: With a written transcript, it becomes easier to search for specific information or keywords within the content. It allows for being able to quickly locate and utilize the information needed, stay organized, and collaborate effectively with others. For lawyers, this is particularly important when dealing with large, complex legal cases where there are many documents to review.
  • Clarity: Transcription can help clarify and resolve any ambiguity or confusion that may arise from spoken language. This can be particularly important in legal or medical contexts.
  • Preservation: Transcribing important speeches, interviews, or meetings can help preserve valuable information and insights for future reference or analysis.
  • Translation: Transcribing audio recordings can also facilitate the process of translating the content into other languages, as the written transcript can be used as a starting point for translation.

Overall,  audio transcription can provide numerous benefits for individuals and organizations across a range of industries and settings.


Time-saving process

The speed and accuracy of automated transcription make it preferable over traditional note-taking methods. A professional typist can transcribe audio at an average rate of 50 to 60 words per minute. At this rate, an hour-long audio or video file will take several hours to transcribe. While automatic audio transcription, also known as digital dictation, can convert a 30 minute audio file in under 2 minutes with far greater accuracy than manual transcription.

Digital dictation transcriptions are the written form of audio content, allowing readers to follow up on what was said or what happened over time without having to listen to the original audio file again.

Why choose Audio Transcription over typing

Transcriptions are essential for accessibility, knowledge exchange, and documentation.

People are increasingly relying on automatic speech recognition technology to aid with transcriptions and converting voice to text as a result of recent advances in AI.

The Dictalogic automatic speech recognition technology can convert human voice-to-text or audio-to-text in a matter of seconds.

Dictalogic users can dictate via speech microphones, web portal, or mobile devices. Our language recognition algorithms are extremely accurate, and they are supported by Microsoft Cognitive Speech transcription services.

Common users of Dictalogic dictation systems

The following industries are the most prevalent users of Dictalogic digital dictation systems:

  • Legal Industry
  • Accounting and Finance Industry
  • Healthcare Industry (clinics and hospitals)
  • Journalism and Media
  • Academia
  • Property management sector

Dictalogic provides a free two weeks trial period so that the system can be tested in real-time within customer environments by the test user.

Dictalogic does not take a “one size fits all” approach; instead, they offer changes to its product to meet the needs of end users.

Visit our website or Microsoft Azure marketplace to learn more about the Dictalogic cloud dictation service.

The Dictalogic digital dictation cloud portal has multiple modules accessible via a single dashboard including

  1. Audio to text
  2. Speech to text
  3. Text-to-speech.
  4. Conversation to text.
  5. Speech Anywhere.

Connect with one of our experts to find out more about Dictalogic and how you can benefit from it.

Contact us at: info@dictalogic.com

Website: https://www.dictalogic.com


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