verowave Suite now available with iManage 10 Integration

Verowave Technologies

Product Demonstration Video Series (V002)

In this demonstration video, we showcase verowave integration with iManage Work 10, using the example of our standard Letter template.

The aim of these demonstration videos is to highlight various components of our verowave product suite, simply and quickly, without the need to write macros or programming code.

The physical Microsoft Word template is nothing more than a simple (non-macro enabled) ‘dotx’ template with styles and basic formatting already applied. Using the verowave Designer, we linked various iManage profile properties to the relevant fields on the dynamic user-form. For instance, we extracted the Client Id and name as the ‘Your reference’ field, the Matter name as the ‘Subject’ and included the document reference (including ‘Database’, ‘Document Number’ and ‘Version’) as the ‘Our ref’ field.

iManage Work 10 Integration Example

Our Verowave Services consultancy team can assist your business to include iManage Work 10 integration for your in-house template solution or work with you to convert your templates to verowave.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1622 828780 if you wish to discuss how we can help your business.

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