Stevens & Bolton Embrace Intelligent Security

Customer Profile

Stevens & Bolton is one of the UK’s most successful independent law firms, offering excellence beyond the city, a great culture and one of the best client experiences. This award-winning law firm was established in 1873 and employees 229 people. Set in Guildford, this single site, leading law firm provides the full service with large departments providing services from corporate real estate, to a strong personal wealth & families department.

Purpose of Implementation

  • To remain competitive
  • To secure their iPhone deployment
  • To replace existing multi-factor authentication

Case Study

Embracing Intelligent Security

Stevens & Bolton consistently strive to implement the best technology for their firm to ensure that they keep their competitive edge. They wanted to move from their existing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to one that supported single-sign-on. As they had previously worked with Mobliciti to secure their iPhone deployment, they chose to approach them as they knew they were experts in the mobile sphere and were good at finding the best most innovative software products. Thanks to SecureAuth, Stevens & Bolton now have secure, single-sign-on, remote access to their cloud services.

Combining MFA and Single Sign-On without Disrupting end users

Stevens & Bolton use an array of cloud services, including SAP Concur – which provides expense reporting, and invoice processing and Cascade HR – an HR & benefits platform plus their intranet, provided by Interact Intranet, is also cloud-based.

Although they were already using an MFA solution, the IT team saw that there was a significant increase in the amount of cloud apps they were using and so needed a more secure solution, with an easy to use soft-token option that could also support single-sign-on for ease of use for end-users.

A more secure and seamless user experience

After discussing various technologies and attending a few demos from Mobliciti, Stevens & Bolton felt that the products Mobliciti provided were innovative and best of breed.

“We knew we needed to involve the experts, so we chose Mobliciti”

Stevens & Bolton vetted other vendors before settling on SecureAuth. What they found compelling was the multi-layered approach, protecting the business at different levels, they also liked the idea that the MFA and single-sign-on piece could be done with one application.

David Thomas said, “I attended a Mobliciti event where I saw SecureAuth and I was very impressed, with a little bit of research it was obvious that SecureAuth was one of the best identity providers at the time. We still believe it is!

Saving time is saving money for lawyers

Since deploying SecureAuth Stevens & Bolton have seen a cost saving in both time and money.

The big challenge is compromising between ease of use and strong security, and we believe we have found sweet spot with SecureAuth.”

End-users have fully bought into the solution as authentication is easy and SecureAuth provides multiple methods, including push to accept, and a self-service option for end user password resets & account unlocking.

Encouraged by the initial success of deploying SecureAuth, Stevens & Bolton have increased their cloud applications enrolled within it from five to ten with the view to increase this in the near future.


About us

About Mobliciti
Mobliciti enables organisations to Procure, Connect, Secure & Manage their mobile devices, empowering innovation, increasing user productivity and controlling costs, without exposing corporate data to increasingly frequent cyber-attacks. We provide IT Mobility & Cloud Access Security using innovative technologies delivered through our range of Fully Managed Services.

By outsourcing the management of business critical mobile and cloud solutions, we reduce the cost of running and supporting these services, allowing customers to refocus resources on more strategic initiatives.

About SecureAuth + Core Security

SecureAuth + Core Security protects against the misuse of credentials by providing intelligent intersections between Security and Identity. Enabling Identity information and Security telemetry to seamlessly enrich one another to reduce the overall threat surface and increase protection.

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