SoSafe – Human Risk Review 2023

It almost feels needless to say, but it has never been truer than now: The cyber threat landscape is tense and characterized by an incredible speed of innovation.
What we have seen in past years, and 2022 in particular, can only be described as fast-forward evolution. Global tension, geopolitical conflicts, and constant disruptions in business have created a volatile world, massively increasing the attack surface for cybercriminals and leading them to further professionalize their business models. At the same time, technological advancements like generative AI tools have democratized the “art of cybercrime.”
The result: We see ourselves confronted with countless potential attackers today who have the tools to not only maximize their attacks’ reach but also their success rates.
At SoSafe, we have warned for years that cybercriminals might use sophisticated AI-based tactics like deepfake phishing for large-scale attacks. The emergence of more readily available generative AI tools has now brought this possibility into immediate reach. In a small study, we recently found that phishing emails can be created 40 percent faster with the help of ChatGPT – a foretaste of how criminals will use AI to scale their business.


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