Simplifying Practice and Case Management Software Implementation

The proposition of switching your law firm’s practice and case management software can seem like a formidable task. Misgivings frequently arise around the simplicity of such a transition, data migration, and the overall effect on everyday operations. Yet, with the correct methodology and an experienced ally, these transitions can be smooth and, indeed, advantageous for your firm.

Is the transition really as simple as it seems?

We appreciate that adopting a new system is more than just a technological shift; it’s a strategic manoeuvre that demands planning and execution. With a track record of successfully facilitating the transition for thousands of firms over the past three decades, we’ve set a service methodology that covers the entire project lifecycle.

Our dedicated Project Management Team guarantees confidentiality, overseeing the migration process from both the client and vendor viewpoints. Adhering to recognised methods, we control costs, mitigate risks, and ensure punctual delivery. Prioritising maintaining productivity and encouraging swift user adoption.

The consultant team, which includes solicitors, barristers, and legal industry experts, work alongside you to craft a solution tailored to your firm’s unique needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that the implementation aligns with your business processes, delivering a competitive edge and a speedy return on investment.

Adopting a systematic approach to extract, transform, and load data from various practice management systems. With extensive experience in the legal sector, our data transfer team collaborate closely with you to ensure a smooth transition of critical data.

Prior to the Go-Live phase, we conduct at least one test transfer of your data into the new system. This enables you to preview the new environment and provide invaluable feedback during User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Our consultants then deliver not only product training but also share insights on how to capitalise on the software for process enhancement, margin growth, and cost reduction. Training sessions can be facilitated on-site or online for your convenience.


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