Seamless Transition: Verrill Dana Law Achieves Email Archiving Success with Transvault

Dell EMC SourceOne to Mimecast Email Archive Migration

Founded in 1862, Verrill Dana Law is a national legal firm with 10 offices across the USA. It caters to industries such as construction, energy, food and beverage, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, technology, and telecommunications.

Facing the challenge of migrating email archives to Mimecast while preserving legacy Dell EMC SourceOne data, Verrill Dana sought a solution to streamline the migration process.

The Challenge

Verrill Dana encountered a significant hurdle in migrating their email archives to Mimecast.

With an extensive archive spanning approximately 4.5 years stored in the legacy Dell EMC SourceOne system, the migration process proved to be daunting.

The primary challenge stemmed from the labour-intensive and time-consuming manual approaches that were initially undertaken.

Recognising the pressing need for a streamlined migration process that would not break the budget, Verrill Dana sought a migration partner. They needed a partner capable of providing a solution that would not only address their current challenges but also align with their financial constraints.

Considering this, the decision to explore Transvault as a potential solution emerged as a pivotal step in overcoming the obstacles that hindered their email archive migration project.

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