Russell & Russell Solicitors Refreshes Practice Management with ALB from Advanced

Russell & Russell Solicitors have modernised their practice management with ALB from Advanced. In this case study we discover how ALB has helped to build on their success as a firm.

Russell & Russell Solicitors refreshes practice management with ALB from Advanced Background The traditions and values, which first established Russell & Russell as an early pioneer of legal services continues to serve them well today. They still provide friendly, professional advice in the manner a traditional high street law firm would, but this is now blended with a 21st Century approach.

Investing in technology to improve processes

“We switched from an outdated competitor which was a legacy software that didn’t receive any updates. As a firm we needed the tools of software that was at the forefront and would remain so with on going developments.”

Why ALB and why Advanced?

“ALB was a platform with a future with continual development, a strong company supporting that vision with the resources and commitment to deliver. Project management knowledge to take us from Videss to ALB was also a factor.”

Implementation and building a relationship

“Overall it went well. It is a major project with 30 years of data on a legacy system but with careful planning and the support of Advanced people it was achieved successfully.” Advanced aim to make the implementation process simple, while supporting our clients with training. Russell & Russell were no different, and a special relationship was built throughout project implementation, working with them through years of data.

Providing first class service with ALB

ALB allows lawyers to get back to lawyering, and part of the profession is providing first class client service. Russell & Russell believe it’s created efficiencies within their firm, and enabled them to deliver services ‘smoothly’. This comes as no surprise to Advanced, the system aims to fulfil a solicitors “ALB provides us with the tools we need to deliver our services smoothly, efficiently and remain competitive.”

Read the full White Paper here.

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