PitchPerfect Works Directly in MS Word and PowerPoint

With the ever increasing demand for convenience and ease it is essential, when sourcing new software, to take the following 3 factors into consideration:

  • Integration and Compatibility
  • Navigation and Functionality
  • Credibility

PitchPerfect is the leading solution to all your legal pitching problems. Integration directly into Word and PowerPoint the software provides the marketing and business development team, of a law firm, with the ability to navigate the interface with ease.

Taking into account the three crucial factors law firms need to consider before investing in software, we highlight how PitchPerfect ticks all the boxes and more.

Integration and Compatibility

Integration and compatibility are key! Future-proofing is crucial when it comes to minimising downtime and maximising productivity. PitchPerfect is accessible from Microsoft Office and can integrate seamlessly with your firms current DMS, CMS and CRM. The software can integrate with anything with an open API.

Navigation and Functionality

If your team are not able to navigate the software with ease or simply find the functionality too complicated, the likelihood of the software being used is slim. PitchPerfect is the pitching software you already know how to use because it is accessed via Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. By clicking on the “PitchPerfect” tab in the Microsoft Word or PowerPoint ribbon, you gain access to a variety of different document types you can select from and use the native functionality to complete. It is that easy.

Copying content from one document to another and losing the formatting is a thing of the past! Imagine, all of your content being approves and up-to-date. Knowing exactly where your content is and simply being able to insert it into documents without formatting issues, tombstones for example – PitchPerfect has been built to do just that.

If that is not enough our software allows you to collaborate with team members, no matter where they are based.


Last but certainly not least, credibility. We’ll just let some of our client’s feedback speak for itself…

“The benefits of PitchPerfect are clear. It will allow us to deliver a more structured process to pitching whilst ensuring we remain consistent following our recent visual identity refresh. This reduced document production time will enable the BD team and fee earners to focus on improving client strategy and personalising the pitch. We have been very pleased with the PitchPerfect project, which has been delivered on time, on budget, and has already proved itself as a real asset to the firm.” – BD & Communications Director, Ashfords LLP

“Generally speaking, first drafts of proposals which would often take an hour or so are now taking 15-minutes. Edits, such as adding or reorganising content and formatting, could take multiple hours – tasks that now take a matter of minutes.” – Associate Director of Communications & Operations, Baker Botts.

“I like the continual development that is being undertaken at Enable. They don’t see PitchPerfect as a static product, it’s very much a product that they are looking to improve all the time.” – Programme Manager / Change Lead, Gilbert + Tobin

“From what I have seen so far, PitchPerfect is quick, versatile and easy to use. This is a distinct advantage given that some of the tenders undertaken by Birketts take a long time to assemble. That was a key driver for choosing PitchPerfect.” – Business Development Director, Birketts

Would you like to see us in action?

If you would like more information on PitchPerfect you can download the brochure here or request a demo.

We will be attending and sponsoring The British Legal Technology Forum 2020 at the Old Billingsgate, London on Tuesday 10th March 2020.

Tony Barrett, Enable’s Business Development Executive will be on hand to present and discuss PitchPerfect and RevenueManager, our two innovative legal focused solutions.

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