Lexis+ AI Launches In UK, ‘Never Seen a Product Sell So Fast’

LexisNexis has rolled out its Lexis+ AI platform – brimming with generative AI capabilities – for UK customers. This follows its launch in the USA. Artificial Lawyer talks to Jeff Pfeifer, CPO for North America and the UK in a major interview covering the launch, the acquisition of Henchman, and the Stanford HAI study – see next article.

In fact, in the interview, Pfeifer noted that the company has ‘never seen a product sell so fast [and] pre-purchased before sale’.

Is this a big deal? Yes, primarily because so many law firms are already LexisNexis customers. So, by taking aboard Lexis+ AI we will see a major rise in genAI use across the legal market, even among those lawyers who perhaps have been slow to adopt genAI solutions until now.

Likewise, rival giant Thomson Reuters is also offering genAI capabilities to a very wide audience of lawyers. Then add in literally dozens of other legal tech companies with genAI, plus DIY build your own projects inside law firms, and we have a market that is moving through the adoption cycle of a new technology at tremendous speed.

So, what does Lexis+ AI offer? Here is what they say.

Lexis+ AI features ‘conversational search, intelligent legal drafting, insightful summarisation, and document upload capabilities’, all supported by state-of-the-art encryption and privacy technology to keep sensitive data secure. And here’s a summary:

Conversational search simplifies complex and time-consuming legal research by enabling users to conversationally interact with Lexis+ AI, explore new insights, and ask for adjusted and refined output.
Document drafting instantly produces contract clauses and client communications from a simple user prompt.
Summarisation functionality delivers case summaries in seconds with more content and capabilities coming soon.
Document upload capabilities enable users to rapidly analyse, summarise and extract key insights from legal documents.
Lexis+ AI answers are grounded in one of the world’s largest repositories of legal content, including primary, secondary, analytical content and Practical Guidance modules, they added.

And in terms of accuracy (see the interview after this for more) Lexis+ AI provides direct links in its responses to the underlying citable authority. This allows users to instantly validate results, reducing the risk of invented content, or hallucinations. Lexis+ AI automatically checks all linked citations against LexisNexis’ content to ensure they are valid. Plus, they added, ‘LexisNexis employs over 2,000 technologists, data scientists and subject matter experts to develop, test, and validate its solutions and deliver comprehensive, accurate information’.

Gerry Duffy, Managing Director of LexisNexis UK, commented: ‘This is a pivotal moment in the history of the UK legal industry. We are delighted to deliver a generative AI solution that will safely and securely enable our customers’ success.

‘We have had unprecedented levels of interest in Lexis+ AI from our market and as of today, many of our customers will be enjoying the competitive advantage of having access to our rich and authoritative content combined with our leading AI technology.’

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