Legal Software Reaches Tipping-Point

The whole legal sector is racing toward the cloud. As new technology appears, law firms are increasingly taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency these tools can offer. Flexible working for employees via VPN’s, Secure Document Archival and Storage, access to Case Management Software and Court Bundling software-as-a-service, from anywhere is now standard.

These new technologies create new opportunities for firms to exploit. Things are no different in the space in which we operate; your Microsoft Office legal desktop. Already many organisations are using solutions that allow documents to be created in the cloud integrating with products such as iManage (a Brochet partner). Editing and automated processes for formatting and repair then take place on the desktop using a bespoke ribbon.

As familiarity with these tools increase, users are looking to more sophisticated solutions. Template management systems such as Templafy (another Brochet partner) allow for enhanced functionality and deliver firm-wide benefits.

Simple-to-use and coexisting with other IT infrastructure, these systems improve the efficiency of document creation and editing They work in tandem with desktop editing tools in the ribbon and can work offline, allowing users to quickly assemble complex documents on the go.

Furthermore, a centrally controlled document ecosystem can make best-practice content available to all employees and can be updated globally in an instant.

The providers themselves are also driving user behaviour. Some system updates require changes in the way they work as updates require firms to upgrade their existing templates to work with new software.

Brochet is preparing by developing solutions that share a symbiotic relationship with these new technologies, allowing users to float seamlessly between systems. The future of legal documents still looks heavily reliant on Microsoft Word, but the integration with cloud systems for document creation, storage and brand management looks to us, like a tipping point has been reached.

A compelling reason for us, to start thinking about your legal documents, such as Letters, Court Documents and Agreement templates, and your New Business and Proposal documents as one single entity. With the seamless integration of cloud technology and desktop editing, firms can create a single document ecosystem which satisfies all the practical requirements for complex legal documents and provides all the bells and whistles to create proposals that wow prospects.

About Brochet
Brochet’s objective is to save clients significant time and allow them to deliver consistently branded documents to enhance their reputation with clients. Founded by Nikki Pike, Brochet has been established for over 18 years. The business is built on a rare mix of a boundless knowledge of Microsoft Office, talented developers and an understanding of branding and design.

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