International Law Firm

Six Degrees helps an international law firm stay safe from today’s cyber security threats. Beyond Cloud.

Today’s law firms operate in an increasingly volatile cyber security environment. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a report in 2018 which stated that 60% of law firms suffered information incidents in 2017, with £11 million of client money stolen due to cybercrime over the same period.

Six Degrees supports a prominent technology-led law firm with a strong international reputation. The firm’s global presence and scale of operations make it an attractive target for cybercriminals, who seek out firms that hold sensitive client information, handle large amounts of money and facilitate commercial transactions.

In a sector where reputation and trust is crucial to commercial success, the international law firm faces the ongoing challenge of mitigating cyber-threats and avoiding suffering financial, operational and reputational damage. As the international law firm’s Information Security Manager explains;

We decided to look at managed security services because we felt that there was an opportunity that we were missing in terms of appropriately looking after our information. It was very challenging to meet those needs in house, because to look at all of your data, do all of your monitoring, have a full incident response team and so on requires a huge amount of resource. If we were to do it internally it would be a lot of people and there would be a lot of training involved, so we wanted a managed security service for the flexibility that it offers.

Read the full White paper here.

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