How the Cloud Attracts and Retains Legal Customers

When your clients know you are dependable and that you go above and beyond, they stay. However, the battle for loyalty is easily lost and hard won. With the increasing complexity of operations, law firms should be continually seeking solutions that not only streamline their processes but also enhancing their overall customer experience. Explore how your law firm can leverage cloud technology to create loyal customers and lead the charge in the digital legal revolution.

Decoding customer loyalty

Where trust is paramount, any breach of confidentiality or perceived lack of transparency can lead to serious complaints and loss of clients. Additionally, clients expect their lawyers be communicative and their legal matters to be handled promptly with transparent pricing. Any missteps, delays, or errors can severely damage a firm’s credibility. Small issues and missteps can erode client loyalty over time, so when clients are on the line, firms should look to the warning signs, and the easiest way to gauge how your clients feel is through feedback.

We found in our Legal Sector Trends Report, that client complaints are higher than last year by an average of 29.7%. So, for firms to lower their complaints and build client loyalty the need to offer transparency, pace, communication, and most importantly delivering exceptional legal services.


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