How PatternBuilderMAX is a Measured Route to Generative AI

The legal profession is at the start of a new and profound transformation, shaped by the advent of Generative AI. For an industry that has historically been cautious and tradition-bound, the admission of Generative AI into its halls represents a seismic shift of progress.

This progression has sparked a demand within the legal community for tools that can distil vast datasets into actionable insights and narratives, augmenting human capabilities with the analytical power of machine learning. Our document management partner, NetDocuments, has responded with PatternBuilderMAX, a groundbreaking feature that offers law firms a secure passage into the realm of Generative AI.

A landscape altered

The allure of AI to the legal profession is unmistakable. The capacity to sift through endless documents, the prediction of legal outcomes, and personalised client advice are all within reach, thanks to its capabilities.

However, the road to adoption is not without its perils. Concerns about the ethics and security of AI applications loom large, particularly in an industry where client confidentiality is sacrosanct and data breaches can have catastrophic consequences. Cumbersome regulatory frameworks add another layer of complexity, leaving some firms reluctant to take the plunge.

Creating a unique challenge for AI developers, one that demands the creation of tools that are not only powerful but also unimpeachably secure, private, and ethical. PatternBuilderMAX embodies this response, designed to respect and bolster the legal profession while opening the door to unprecedented efficiency and insight.


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