Fostering Talent Through Cloud-Based Technology

Performance reviews, particularly end-of-year reviews, are often ineffective. They are prone to being subjective, relying on only a handful of [usually profit-driven] metrics, and only involving a line manager and the worker being reviewed.  

What this means is that you get an incomplete picture of an individual’s true contribution. Infrequent, narrow reviews will return infrequent, narrow snapshots of performance – which is unlikely to aid any professional development and progression – hindering both the business and leading to dissatisfied and disengaged staff. 

Robust performance management systems can transform your talent evaluation and drive targeted development for your fee-earners and wider team. Utilising data-driven metrics and key performance indicators in real time enables law firms to objectively measure an employee’s contributions. Regular feedback sessions can also provide a platform for constructive dialogue and quicker goal-setting and personal (as well as team) growth.  

Advanced’s Performance & Talent software is specifically designed to provide an ongoing performance check with in-built goals, feedback and targets, enabling organisations of all types and sizes to realise the full potential of every member of staff. 


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