Dictalogic Digital Dictation for Law Firms

Why choose Dictalogic

Dictalogic development and support team understands clients’ expectations, we have extensive experience in helping law firms of all sizes with the challenges they face daily, whether it is digital dictation, speech recognition, remote working or task delegation, we have it all covered.

Dictalogic dictation solution is a full-featured global dictation system, Users can dictate via their desktop, mobile device or smartphone and assign the task to either an in-house transcriber, 3rd part transcription service of choice or to Microsoft Cognitive A.I. Speech technology service embedded in Dictalogic.

Our language recognition models are extremely accurate, constantly learning industry-specific words and improving accuracy over time and usage. The freedom to dictate from anywhere, on any mobile device, frees the business user from traditional office restrictions and offers remote working. Work can be monitored & distributed, 24/7, across departments within your global office networks.

With the use of digital transformation, we allow voice to text & audio to text conversion on the fly, where users record the audio and send it to their transcriber as is normally done however, the audio/speech converts into text before it reaches the transcriber.
We have multiple options on assignment for our users to explore.

Meeting requirements for law firms

Digital dictation software can be an essential tool for law firms to increase productivity and efficiency. Here are some requirements to consider when selecting digital dictation software for a law firm:

  • Security: Law firms deal with sensitive and confidential information, therefor the digital dictation software must have robust security features, including encryption and secure cloud storage options.
  • Integration: The digital dictation software should have the capacity to integrate with other software that law firms use, such as case management software or billing software, to streamline workflow.
  • Transcription and Speech Recognition: The digital dictation software should have high-quality transcription and speech recognition capabilities to reduce the need for manual transcription and increase productivity.
  • Mobile Access: The digital dictation software should be accessible on mobile devices, enabling lawyers to dictate and access files from anywhere, anytime.
  • Customization: The software should allow for customization of settings and templates, enabling lawyers to dictate and organize files in a way that works best for them.
  • Compatibility: The software should be compatible with a variety of devices, operating systems, and file formats to accommodate the needs of all users.
  • User-Friendly: The software should be easy to use, intuitive, and require minimal training to ensure that lawyers can quickly and efficiently incorporate it into their daily workflow.
  • Scalability: The digital dictation software should be scalable, enabling the law firm to easily add or remove users and adapt to changing needs.

Overall, the digital dictation software selected should meet the specific needs of a law firm while offering the necessary features to improve productivity, ensure security, and maximise efficiency.


To summarise, Dictalogic digital dictation is a productivity game changer, encompassing all the above-mentioned requirements for law firms. Dictalogic specializes in offering a tailored workflow for all it’s users, as we understand that every law firm has its unique way of working and we support that by offering a customizable solution to meet the different needs of your users.

You can get your work done faster and more efficiently with Dictalogic digital dictation, accessible via web, mobile or voice recorder, giving you 360 coverage on dictation needs.

The Dictalogic digital dictation cloud portal has multiple modules accessible via a single dashboard including

  1. Audio to text
  2. Speech to text
  3. Text to speech.
  4. Conversation to text.
  5. Speech Anywhere.

Dictalogic provides a free two weeks trial period so that the system can be tested in real time by the users.

Please reach out to Dictalogic digital dictation friendly team at the email below.

Email us at: info@dictalogic.com

Website: https://www.dictalogic.com

Get it now from Microsoft AppSource: https://lnkd.in/dezfnpqy

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