Countrywide Corporate Property Services


CCPS are the UK’s largest established asset management service, and consistency are placed as one of the top performing asset managers for the management, marketing and sale of residential property.

As such CCPS maintain a myriad of relationships with Developers, Estate Agents, Surveyors, Property Contractors and Financial Advisors to help progress each property in their management.

Compliance, Service and treating customers fairly are key to CCPS, as each client will ask for their bespoke requirements to be met throughout the lifetime of managing a property – alongside requiring extensive Management Reporting on the performance of their assets.

The Challenge

CCPS’s staff of 100 employees had stored Property and Client data in a bespoke in-house system that was reaching the ceiling of its use to the business.

Over time the existing systems had moved beyond its initial scope in trying to accommodate a wide variety of different Client Requirements, Workflows and Mandates that CCPS’s Developer and Lender clients instructed to CCPS in order to manage their Property Assets.

This limitation of the existing systems was then limiting the service that CCPS could provide to their clients and so posing problems to the future growth of the business.


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