Competitive Edge: Innovative Dutch Law Firm Transforms its Legal Support Function and Client Service Output

Holla Advocaten have chosen BigHand Now to underpin changes to their legal support function giving them the visibility required to provide a first-class internal support service to its fee-earning team.

Holla Advocaten are a top 30 Dutch law firm, with over 135 years of experience in providing legal services. The firm have a forward-thinking approach to technology and have decided to adopt BigHand’s task delegation workflow solution, BigHand Now, across their business units, in order to transform the legal support function and increase client service output in turn.

Jeanine Silvin, Head of secretarial, facilities & litigation support commented, “In order to grow fee earner headcount, we needed to address the current support provided to them internally, and future-proof the firm by ensuring we had the correct processes and technology in place to fully utilise the teams moving forward. BigHand Now was the ideal solution to underpin the business changes and optimise efficiencies.”

For law firms focused on operational efficiency, BigHand Now is an easy-to-use task-delegation and task-management solution that enables law firms to optimise the effectiveness of their entire legal support function. The solution turns your tasks into fully audited, digital workflow entries. Once in the workflow, tasks can be assigned to the appropriate team or team member for processing and monitored through to completion. Volume and turnaround of tasks, and the support resources completing them, can be reported on during and post completion.

Before BigHand Now, the firm’s fee earners would send all work through to their secretary. There was no easy way for work to be picked up by others, and it was difficult to track the types of tasks being sent or measure turnaround times.

Jeanine comments, “I would spend a considerable amount of my time manually trying to establish the current progress of work, often chasing the team for updates and having to reroute tasks internally.”

With BigHand Now in place, the right tasks will automatically be routed to the right resource, at the right cost to the business. The firm will have full visibility of all legal support tasks and team capacity, enabling them to make key business decisions in order to maximise the operational efficiency of the support function.

Jeanine concludes, “BigHand Now will provide full transparency over what types of tasks are being sent, who is completing the work, and how long it takes to turnaround. With this information at our fingertips we will be able to easily reroute work between the business units, identify any bottlenecks of work, and ensure we are optimising our resources fully. These changes will then ensure we maintain our competitive edge in the market by offering genuine first-class client service.”

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