CMS is empowering lawyers with Law-Now, powered by Microsoft Azure

In the competitive world of Law, CMS Legal Services wanted to help lawyers around the world stay informed with the ever-changing world of legislation. With the help of the Microsoft Partner application Sitecore, powered by Azure, they created Law-Now. A one-stop shop where lawyers can stay ahead of the curve, collaborate with fellow professionals and gain insights into a rapidly changing world.

When your product is expertise, you want to make sure you’re offering lawyers the best experience. Law-Now is an online legal resource for corporate lawyers, which sends updates in the form of E-Alerts to subscribers when there is a change in legislation in a subject of their choosing. With a network of 35,000 subscribers in 80 different countries, they needed something that was fast and reliable, and that’s where Sitecore on Azure was the obvious choice. “You can scale up, the next moment you can scale down, you can switch on a second content server or application server, really, really fast” explains Patrick Torti, Director of Business Technology at CMS Legal Services.

When dealing with the number of subscribers choosing to receive E-Alerts, CMS needed to make sure that they had a system which was flexible enough to deal with the requests being made. Isobel Scholes, Director of Marketing and Communications at CMS Legal Services states, “The Sitecore solution offers us the flexibility and the scalability that we need to ensure that Law-Now will continue to support our clients and our Lawyers going forward.”

With the Sitecore solution being powered by Azure in the cloud, the cost savings available to CMS made the choice even easier. Patrick Torti explains how the pricing of Azure is as you need it: “I recently had a quote and they said they would need between €500,000 and €1 million to replicate the Azure platform, we would never make this kind of investment as in 3 or 4 years it would be outdated anyway.”

Most importantly of all, working with Sitecore and Azure to power Law-Now has given CMS an advantage over the competition. “We see Law-Now as our unique selling point that allows us to compete in an increasingly competitive market” explained Isabel Scholes, Director of Marketing & Communications at CMS Legal Services.

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