Client Collaboration in the Cloud

Clients are demanding better communication, quicker response times, and access to their matter status anytime, anywhere. Law firms in general are not strangers to challenges when trying to collaborate with clients, such as communication bottlenecks, inefficient data access, and slow response times. As we see client complaints rise by 29.7% over the past year, we examine these challenges of client collaboration and how cloud software can help overcome them.

Communication bottlenecks

Since the communication between law firms and clients is critical in securing a successful outcome, the last thing anyone wants is a delay in communication. Delays could be disastrous for a case, with outcomes from lengthy cases to loss of clients and damage to firm reputation. However, with such a need to communicate, 27% of firms still aren’t leveraging digital communication channels to improve their service to clients.

This is where cloud-based collaboration tools can come to the rescue. The cloud makes it easier to collaborate between teams and clients alike through chat functions and client portals firms.


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