Automating Proforma Generation to Efficient Invoice Distribution

Following the buzz from our August 18th webinar where we unveiled the new ‘cosinefied’ Proforma module, we heard your enthusiasm for continued updates, webinars to demonstrate our progression and new enhancements.

I’m excited to announce our next webinar will be on Dec 8, where we’ll be revealing more innovative enhancements, that are ready for launch this December. Please accept this invitation and join us to be the first to see what’s next, please register here:

For years, 3E clients have been using the sophisticated capabilities of the 3E proforma process, however, they have been frustrated by a user experience that is too complex and cumbersome for end users. While others using a bolt-on, 3rd party tools are frustrated with the integration process. Cosine’s tool eliminates both issues, and more!

Attend our next webinar to see the latest enhancements within our ‘cosineified’ Proforma tool and discover how you could be leveraging all the power of the 3E proforma process, but with a user experience designed for your lawyers, Finance and Billing teams. Say goodbye to bolt-on integration challenges, data sync or timing issues, importing and exporting data from one system to another.

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Dec 8th, 2 pm London
Dec 8th, 2 pm Eastern
Dec 8th, 10am Sydney

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