Agility is Key: How to meet Client Service Expectations in 2021 & Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses across industries to adapt, and the legal profession was by no means exempt from the virus’ impact. Lawyers have shifted to remote work arrangements, in-person client appointments have given way to virtual meetings and law firms rely one way or another on technology to keep their practice afloat.

Law firms that have been successful during the pandemic are those that quickly adapted to remote working. These agile firms adopted technology that gives them the ability to work from anywhere and drive productivity despite the circumstances. They can keep matters moving and meet increasing client expectations, which recent studies show soared during the pandemic, particularly in terms of client demands around support and communication. *[1] A 2021 survey of nearly 300 law firms by BTI Consulting Group found that the service expectations of law firm clients are now higher than ever, a by product of the pandemic. *[2]

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