81% of Law Firm Clients Ask About AI Asage For M&A Due Diligence. How Else is Tech Influencing Transactions?

Law firms are implementing technology at each stage of their mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. Technology helps to get more deals done faster while mitigating potential legal risks, as deals are better managed and all stakeholders better informed.

Technology solutions support M&A teams in all aspects of deals: organization and workflow, negotiation, due diligence, drafting, and closing. Individual point solutions—like virtual data rooms, document management systems, and e-signature platforms—address some of the pain points associated with managing M&A transactions. But legal teams can benefit even more from a multi-solution ecosystem that makes it easier to share critical information and knowledge, resulting in streamlined transaction workflows.

Download this guide to learn about:

  • The core tools for M&A transactional work;
  • How solutions map to all stages of a deal, from preliminary discussions to post-closing; and
  • Which technologies M&A lawyers are adopting to address bottlenecks and enhance the quality of their work.


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