3 iManage solutions to manage data security when ‘working from anywhere’

With the working from home environment – and the hybrid working model – the potential for data breaches, attacks and data loss increases. Whether we divide our time between home and office, or sofa and desk, we’re all switching from laptops to desktops, PCs to smartphones, using multiple devices in a range of environments. This means that the number of ways we can gain access to an organisation’s network expands – and so does the potential for human error and cyberattacks.

Balancing the ongoing demands of collaboration, connectivity and information security is no easy feat. However, data protection laws and regulations must still be followed, and compliance is still critical. Maintaining security and data access when teams are ‘working from anywhere’ can be difficult and time-consuming, without the right tools at hand to support your policies, processes and procedures.

Fortunately, the iManage Work Platform is full of useful solutions to support your work-from-anywhere workforce. In this blog post, Dave Wilson, our Managing Director, highlights three iManage solutions designed to support flexibility while maintaining security…

1. The iManage Cloud – because work from anywhere means anywhere

The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to be productive from anywhere in a trusted, secure environment, with modern Cloud architecture and Zero Trust security. With managed updates and the day-to-day system management carried out by the iManage Cloud Services Team, the iManage Cloud empowers IT teams to focus on more high-level tasks.

 Update automatically

In a distributed environment, managing software updates can be time-consuming – especially if there are difficulties physically accessing each desktop, as more and more people are working from home. The iManage Cloud offers users Automatic Updates, which enable IT administrators to deploy the latest updates to users’ desktops – or across the organisation as a whole – with ease. With self-service installs and real-time notifications, Auto Updates offer users an efficient and powerful way to ensure that their own iManage environment is current – with minimal input from the IT Team.

Share with ease

iManage Share is also included in every cloud bundle, offering easy, secure, and governed document sharing and collaboration – which is seamlessly integrated with iManage Work. With a single click from Outlook, iManage Share enables users to turn email attachments into cloud-based files, which can be shared with both internal colleagues and external clients alike. It allows users to provide a secure method to receive any size files from their clients directly without the need for assistance from IT. This secure file sharing solution offers agility to support ‘work from anywhere’ processes, whilst maintaining security with password protection and a full audit trail.

2. Threat Manager – because compliance is critical

iManage Threat Manager helps firms to protect their sensitive information from internal and external threats. With rapid set-up and activation, the system can be configured very quickly and starts to monitor activity immediately.  Using innovative machine learning, iManage Threat Manager continuously monitors user behaviours, to gain an understanding of what is ‘normal’. Critical knowledge work is then secure – wherever your users are accessing it from.

Protect sensitive information

With sophisticated AI threat detection built into the system’s core, iManage Threat Manager prevents data loss, supporting firms with effective data governance in order to protect sensitive information. By rapidly detecting and communicating threats, iManage Threat Manager allows firms to meet its compliance obligations by stopping data breaches and malicious data loss in its tracks.

The system’s cutting-edge technology and advanced forensics monitoring efficiently detects risks and abnormal behaviours, alerting system admins to mitigate threats and safeguard the firm’s critical knowledge. The solution also offers comprehensive reporting, to demonstrate how sensitive information is being accessed throughout the firm, offering full visibility for data audits.

Manage and control risk

iManage Threat Manager also helps firms in reducing the risk associated with staff departures and user error, by actively monitoring specific unusual user activity such as large downloads and file removal. With administrators alerted to these activities, they can intervene and prevent the extraction of valuable knowledge work from your firm – with the user and their activities highlighted in detail via the system’s audit trail. The solution can also mitigate the risk of financial losses occurring when key players leave the organisation, by controlling the firm’s loss of information, knowledge work and expertise associated with that individual and their clients.

iManage Threat Manager also detects users who are not regularly filing content to the DMS, highlighting non-compliant behaviour to IT and information leaders who can act accordingly. This can help firms to ensure that their staff are fully trained on the iManage system, and critically ensure firm-wide adoption of data security processes, policies and procedures, in line with regulations.

3. iManage Security Policy Manager – because control shouldn’t stop collaboration

iManage Security Policy Manager allows businesses to enforce need-to-know security and information barriers at scale, which is especially important in the ‘work from anywhere’ world. The solution supports organisations in meeting their regulatory obligations and also their customer requirements, without impacting on the user experience, workflows or productivity.

 Reduce time waste on data security matters

With an intuitive, role-based interface, iManage Security Policy Manager can enable key individuals to set barriers whenever – and wherever – they are needed. With access being granted or removed instantly, iManage Security Policy Manager removes the challenges associated with applying legacy cascading ACL security at scale.

Previously, setting access barriers and security measures on iManage Matters was delegated to IT by the Risk team, with the process being technically complex and time-consuming. iManage Security Policy Manager reduces the burden on IT and risk teams by delegating security policy management to those who actually manage it. Using the solution, those responsible for the data are empowered to manage the firm’s data access and control themselves, relieving pressures on internal technical resources and making the process from policy creation to enforcement more efficient.

From a user perspective, they can see only the Clients and Matters they should, but also have the ability through a user console to request access to other information directly to the person responsible for them. Visual cues in iManage Work also clearly indicate where security policies have been applied and who has access at any point in time, eliminating any ambiguity around data access.

Minimise organisational risk

iManage Security Policy Manager ensures that critical content is secured across multiple data repositories with need-to-know security access set wherever it is needed. The solution’s extensible REST API and agent framework can be used to broaden the system’s reach to support other systems, ensuring that your entire content network is secure and compliant.

Both granular and flexible policy models can be set to comply with company security policies and customer requirements for data protection, segmenting critical content and limiting data exposure. With access walls set by client, project, or matter, the system simplifies the need to set overlapping information barriers i.e. by practice area or role-based permissions.

By minimising the data staff can access, firms minimise the risk of data breaches, data leaks and compliance issues across all devices used to access the data.

In summary…

Managing data security in the ‘work from anywhere’ world can seem like a never-ending challenge. With a wider range of devices, solutions and tools in use than ever before, it can feel overwhelming controlling the risk of data loss and noncompliance.

But, by implementing the right technology centrally you can gain back control of your key information. With the iManage platform built to support security, productivity and efficiency, it can support your users with solutions for end-to-end governance of knowledge work – and give you the confidence that you’re creating, managing and securing your content in line with regulations, customer requirements and company policies.

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