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Chairperson: Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) – President, Society for Computers & Law
Adapt & Adaptability - The Practise of Digital Dexterity - Nigel Tranter – Chief Digital Officer, Orrick
Unlocking The Psychology Behind Phishing Attacks: Insights and Preventative Measures - James Sheldrake – Head of Innovation, Egress
PANEL: Regulatory Responsibility of LegalTech - Future of AI - Ian Jeffery – CEO, The Law Society / Richard Orpin – Interim CEO, Legal Services Board / Chris Handford – Director of Regulatory Policy, Solicitors Regulation Authority Christina Blacklaws – Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting / Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Impactful Insider Mobilisation for Digital Change - Libby Jackson MBE – Managing Partner Digital and ALT Global, Herbert Smith Freehills
Unlocking the Real Power of Generative AI in Law: A Pragmatic Guide to Embrace Efficiency and Overcome Hype - Matt James – VP, Presales, Litera
KEYNOTE: Fireside Chat and Live Audience Q&A - Louis Theroux – Genre-defining Documentary Presenter
1 - Extremely Low Regard2345 - Extremely High Regard
Chairperson: Christina Blacklaws - Managing Director, Blacklaws Consulting
Tomorrow’s Lawyer – Cultural Shifts in a Digital World - Alastair Mitchell / Stephen Brown / Tanya Sadoughi / Christina Blacklaws(Chair)
Enhancing ESG Credentials Through Digital Transformation: Navigating AI, Privacy, and Sustainability - Julia Bonder-Le Berre / Michelle Grafton
Panel Discussion: Data Decision Making, AI Tooling, Hyper Productivity and Business Transformation - Amanda Chaboryk / Aimee Greene / Nirbhay Sharma / Christina Blacklaws (Chair)
Embracing Diversity in Legal Tech: Navigating Attitudes Towards Automation - Nigel Williams – Product Director, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions
PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Big Data and e-Discovery – The Journey of LLM’s - Raj Boora / Uwais Iqbal / Chantelle Jalland / Christina Blacklaws (Chair)
PANEL DISCUSSION: Adaption vs Evolution: Pricing for Profitable Growth for Client Centricity - Shaun Jardine / Magdalena Kosior-Molloy / Karen Jacks / Christina Blacklaws (Chair)
Using Advanced Microsoft Technologies to Revolutionise Communication And Collaboration - Am Bhooi – CTO, Resonate
In-house Real-world Case Studies: Legal Industry Transformation And Collaboration - Sharon Blackman OBE – Managing Director, Head of Services Legal, Citi
Transformation Decoded - Jo Owen / Nirupa Wikramanayake
1 - Extremely Low Regard2345 - Extremely High Regard
Chairperson: Jenifer Swallow – Business & Legal Innovator
PANEL DISCUSSION: Buy, Build, Both or Integrate - Shawn Curran / Joe Cohen / Jackson Staub / Jenifer Swallow
Navigating the Future: Legal Practice Management Software in the Digital Age - Regina O’Shaughnessy – Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Clio
PANEL DISCUSSION: Fist Full of Dollars; The Truth Behind LLMs And Gen AI - Andrea Miskolczi / Erica Stanford/ Elliot White / Caroline Hill
The Great Digital Migration: How to Address Application Challenges for Colleagues And Clients - David Williams – Acting MD, EMEA, Telstra
Digital Innovation: Interconnecting Technology to Power Trust And Integrity - Professor Lisa Wilson – Managing Director, IOSS Solutions
PANEL DISCUSSION: The View From The Vendors - James Clough / Dave Wilson / Venessa Bennett / Mark Hasted / Jill Schornack / Jenifer Swallow
How Legal Professionals Are Transitioning From Learners to Creators on Their AI Journey - Jill Schornack – VP of Product, NetDocuments
Neuralink, Apple Vision Pro, AI, The Mind And Building Virtual Worlds - Perspectives From a Futurist - Eric Hunter – Global Futurist, Innovation Futures
The Crucial Role of Information Architecture in AI And The iManage Approach - Nick Haines – Head of Pre-Sales, EMEA, iManage
PANEL DISCUSSION: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugliness of LLMs - Karl Knowles / Jas Bassi / Chris Boulter / Jenifer Swallow
1 - Extremely Low Regard2345 - Extremely High Regard
Chairperson: Christian Toon – Head of Cyber Professional Services, Pinsent Masons
PANEL DISCUSSION: Challenging Legacy Thinking, Systems, And Culture: Exploring New Possibilities For The Future - Catriona Wolfenden / Mark Parr / Amir Mehdi / Christian Toon (Chair)
Case And Matter Management in the year 2035 - Future Vision - Ben Nicholson – Co-Founder & CEO, Sharedo
From Forensics to Court Bundles: Powered by Technology, Enabled by People - Casian Sala – Managing Director, Legastat
Be Fearless: It's Time to Start Seizing The Opportunities of GenAI - Ian Hawkins – Journalist, on behalf of Deazy
You've Moved Your DMS to the Cloud, What's Next? - Thomas Humberstone / Jason Evans / Olive Buckley
How GenAI Can be Applied to Your Disputes And Investigations - Magnus Dahlin / Gary Foster
Why Transformation is Critical to The Business of Law - Adam Marsland – Director of Business Transformation, Orrick
The Emergence of Cloud-native Legal Platforms And Portfolios: The Future of Legal Practice - Emma Hatto – Head of Product – Legal, OneAdvanced
Reduce Your Cyber Risk - An Opportunity to Learn From Other Businesses’ Mistakes - Craig Tomes / Lee Davey
AI Unleashed: Navigating the Frontier of Cyber Risks - Alistair Mills – Director of Sales Engineering, Northern Europe, Proofpoint
Design a Technology Ecosystem That Supports Your Firm’s Growth And Innovation - Oliver Tromp – Regional Vice President, Actionstep
PANEL DISCUSSION: Using AI to Define Business Strategy And Growth - Sponsored by Salesforce - Edward Stevens / Stuart Whittle / Sarah Harris / Vincent Perrin / Christian Toon (Chair)
1 - Extremely Low Regard2345 - Extremely High Regard
The Thomson Reuters Generative AI Vision - Transforming The Practice of Law by Redefining Legal Work - Cat Kidd / Lisa Newton, Thomson Reuters
Navigating The Gen AI Frontier: AI’s Influence in The UK Market - Lucy Leach – Director, Research Strategy, Thomson Reuters Institute
The Power of HighQ – Improving Client Experiences & Driving Growth in a Competitive Market - Sophie Baugh / Johannes Schleith, Thomson Reuters
Client Fireside Chat With Foot Anstey - Alex Mangan / Jamie Windsor
Empowering The Future of Law: How GenAI-Powered Legal Tools Accelerate Work And Elevate Strategic Thinking - Sarah Tai – AI Team Lead, Thomson Reuters
The Thomson Reuters Generative AI Vision - Transforming The Practice of Law by Redefining Legal Work - Cat Kidd / Lisa Newton
Panel Discussion: Document Automation - it's Here to Stay, And it's Found as Friend... - Mark Cullen / David Sutherland / Will Sumners / Cat Kidd (Moderator)
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