British Legal Technology Forum – Exhibitor Representatives

To ensure we have the correct details for your representatives, please complete the information below for EACH representative within your package allocation. If you need further assistance or clarification on your representative allocation, please refer to your signed booking form or contact the Events Team on Tel: +44 (0)20 3176 4200.

Should you require additional representative passes, please enter their names below. Please note that additional passes will be charged at £295 + VAT per pass.

Form Deadline: Wednesday 31st August 2022 – Changes to representative details can be made up until this deadline.

After the deadline, updates cannot be made and additional passes will not be available. Please note that passes cannot be purchased on event day. Representative names, job titles and company details will appear on name badges as they submitted; please ensure that all details are spelt correctly.

If you require more than 10 representative passes, please contact the Netlaw Media Event Operations Team –

British Legal Technology Forum - Exhibitor Representatives

  • Please note, by submitting this information, all sponsor representatives will be added to our mailing list for future updates on relevant Netlaw Media events and activities. Should any individual wish to opt out of information relating to future events, they can do so by emailing

*All nominated representatives must be full time employees of the Sponsor Company.

Before registration can be accepted, a corporate email address matching the Sponsor company details must be provided. Part-time employees, partners, suppliers, distributors of the Sponsor will be charged the listed rate for Non Sponsoring Vendors & consultants. A Sponsor must not offer any event pass to a Part-time employee, partner, supplier, distributor of the Sponsor. This clause applies mutatis mutandis with respect to rights of sponsorship.