Ten10 ‘Delivering Successful RPA into the Legal Sector’ – Private Lunch

‘Delivering Successful RPA into the Legal Sector’

Managing Time and costs effectively is the continued challenge that the legal community faces across the sector. However, without the human element challenges & risks still persevere? How do we address the risks and embrace RPA to the fullest extent to achieve positive ROI whilst continuing to free up our legal advisors for long term advantage.


Discussion Topics:

  • Addressing challenges and risks
  • Achieving a positive ROI
  • Overcoming business resistance
  • Developing your in-house capability



Ten10 Representatives


Our speaker is Ryan Smith, who is a Principal Consultant and RPA Head of Practice at Ten10 Group. We will also have Chris Ash at the lunch, who is Head of Legal at Ten10.


Ryan Smith 

Principal Consultant & RPA Head of Practice







Chris Ash

Head of Legal







Join Ten10 and key speakers, where they explore the successful delivery of RPA and also the challenges that unsuccessful implementation can deliver.

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