Lisa Short

Director & Co-Founder

The Hephaestus Collective

Professor Lisa Short is renowned. and has a track record for engaging and converging the best people, businesses, and international stakeholders [both public and private] to design, develop and deploy ‘end-to-end’ digital technology led ecosystems that are commercially astute, digitally resilient, impact driven and as innovative solutions crucial for global economic development.

Lisa is a preeminent innovator with vast international experience, including designing several Patents, as well as founding and managing multiple cross-jurisdictional companies with significant cutting-edge digital technology for trust and value chain improvement projects, across different segments, and global markets including UK, APAC, Africa, Singapore, Europe, and UAE. Challenging the state of play and disrupting the norm whilst pragmatically embracing the opportunities of the rapidly advancing potential of frontier technology like blockchain, AI and IoT ensure Lisa stays at the forefront of pioneering effective positive change, digital trust, and transformation.

Professor Short’s career is augmented by multiple Board appointments, and a highly respected international academic, risk and research contribution and why she is known as one of the top 150 B2B women thought leaders in the world to follow in 2021, and one of the world’s top 50 thought leaders and influencers on blockchain, edtech and cryptocurrency. A multidisciplinary approach see’s Lisa prioritise ,and be highly sought, to work alongside the globe’s leading legal counsel and digital technologists so regulatory and operational environments can mutually embrace the rapidity of digital change.

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