Dr Ola Olusanya

Reader in Law

Auxilium Software, Aberystwyth University

Dr Ola Olusanya is currently Reader in Law at the Department of Law and Criminology where he is the Founder and Principal Investigator (Director) of the Veterans Legal Link project and co-inventor of Auxilium Software.

The Veterans Legal Link project relies on an extensive network of stakeholders and partner organisations across the UK so as to meet the complex needs of vulnerable veterans and their families. In order to better meet these complex needs, the project used participatory action research approaches to develop Auxilium Software Portal- the UK’s first access to justice platform for veterans.

Auxilium Software is a hosted case management, referral management and client portal system for 3rd sector and public sector organisations. It simplifies communication with clients, automates documentation, and make referrals an easy and efficient process. It has a flexible security model, meaning one instance of the software can be used on its own, by one or more organisations working in collaboration under one roof. In addition, it is designed to connect with other instances of itself, which means two or more Auxilium Software installations can be linked. This nodal design provides vast potential and makes inter-organisational referrals simple and secure.

The concept of making Auxilium Software available commercially, outside the context of Veterans Legal Link, originated from the interest expressed by partner organisations when they were provided with software demonstrations. It was found that there was a niche demand for a simple case management, referral management and client portal system.

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