WM Promus: Your Trusted Partner in Compliance And Vulnerability Risk Management

Law firms must commit to mitigating risks and maintaining compliance with necessary regulations and legislation. It’s obligatory. That extends from anti-money laundering to cybersecurity risk and privacy compliance. It encompasses proactive vulnerability risk management and quality governance.

In terms of IT, a powerful solution should have a fast path to orchestrate, standardize and prioritize end-to-end infrastructure patching and continuous compliance management in a unified approach. The solution must include the capability to:

  • Provide fortified deployment and secure operations with ISO 27001 certified hosting and business continuity with a 99.9 percent availability Service Level Agreement
  • Integrate to on-premise software and enable reporting, dashboarding and analytics.
  • Offer compliance management enhancements with updated PCI and SOX compliance benchmarks
  • Support for Windows Server 2022 for vulnerability patching workflows.

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A trust-worthy partner can provide the insights, guidance and implementation skills required to establish an automated, end-to-end service governance process within your organisation. Contact WM Promus to  support your automation journey.

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