Word Exchange Announce New Company Name and Brand: Docuble

Word Exchange Limited today announced to its customers and partners that as of 1st March 2020 the company will be renamed as Docuble Limited.

Sarah Hanfrey, managing director said “As Word Exchange we built a solid reputation in the industry as a problem solver specialising in document formatting, DMS integration and house style templates. Over time the custom software development work we did for firms reduced as we began to develop a set of standard software products with our market knowledge, document and software development expertise built in.”

She added, “Today as Docuble we deliver our expertise and service to our law firm customers and other document-intensive organisations through our suite of highly configurable off-the-shelf products.”

Along with the change to company name the company announced its intention to rename its core products all under the Docuble banner.

The company’s house style management and automated document formatting and repair solution SmartStyles will now be called Docuble Styles.

Its template management system (Document Engine) designed specifically for legal businesses to help them deliver quality, consistent and compliant house style documents will now be known as Docuble Templates.

Its print management software for flexible, managed and enhanced Word and Outlook printing (SmartPrint) will be marketed as Docuble Print.

In addition, Docuble announced a new product. Docuble Essentials is designed to help firms move away from legacy macro driven toolbars and help them move forwards with integration with the iManage Work 10 desktop or Netdocuments’ ndOffice. Docuble Essentials includes some of the new document and house style formatting features of Docuble Templates and Docuble Styles.

Later this year Docuble will be releasing a new version of Docuble Styles with an enhanced apply house style and cross reference checking and repair function as well as developing new ways to leverage resources in the cloud to support our customers with the management of their house style and brand across all their  documents and presentations.

Find out more about Docuble at https://docuble.com

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