Where Software Meets the Biggest Challenges Facing Firms

The legal industry is constantly evolving, and in 2024, law firms will continue to face unique challenges and opportunities. While the challenges are numerous, four of the biggest concerns are employee work-life balance, client demands, AI worries, and cybersecurity threats. There’s good news however, using the right software with trusted providers, and tailored legal AI solutions can assist in alleviating these challenges.

Employee work-life balance

While over half of firms have a desire to increase in office work, they are also seeing a challenge in attracting and retaining talent. Law firms face unique challenges when it comes to managing work-life balance. Lawyers often work long hours, which can result in burnout and poor performance.

Finding a balance of a productive firm with a happy workforce can be hard, but it is made easier with the right tools. Help relieve stress and assist fee earners while working remote with Advanced Practice and Case Management solutions. Additionally for office days schedule in feedback and one to ones, to make everyone feel they have a voice and can progress with the firm. Using Advanced Performance and Talent you can keep feedback continuous with goals and targets.

Utilising software to streamlines workflows, lower administrative burdens, facilitate better one to ones. Demonstrate to employees that you care about their well-being and are dedicated to fostering a healthy work culture.

A system like Clear Review makes this so easy that you really don’t have the time not to be using it. The process motivates your employees, and this makes them better at their job.” Martin Glover, HR Director – Morton Fraser


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