What Measured AI Looks Like in Today’s Legal Practices

In an era where technology is reshaping the landscape of legal practices, UK law firms are increasingly turning their attention to the potential benefits of AI. According to recent surveys, over a quarter of UK law firms are already leveraging some form of AI, while almost half are actively exploring the possibilities of integrating AI tools into their operations.

In a recent survey Advanced conducted, only a mere 1 in 10 firms have expressed an outright reluctance to adopt AI tools. The allure lying in its capacity to enhance efficiency, particularly in areas such as contract writing, accessing case law, and reviewing precedents. AI can swiftly navigate through vast datasets, flagging anomalies that may indicate potential fraud, and utilising machine learning algorithms to optimise decision-making processes.

However, this growing interest in AI is not without its reservations. In the same survey, one-third of UK law firms have concerns about the risks associated with integrating AI into their organisations. These concerns range from the potential for errors in decision-making to the security implications of handling sensitive legal information.


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