Watch Litera’s Experts Discuss the Benefits of Consolidating Your Drafting Applications into a Solution Like Litera Desktop!

Professionals spend roughly 9% of their time at work switching between applications that help them deliver work. That might be an acceptable cost of doing business in other industries, but in legal, that means 9% less billable work.

We’re here to tell you that consolidating some applications – especially document drafting ones – can result in better productivity and less frustration for legal professionals!

Watch our webinar as we talk about the benefits of consolidating your drafting applications into a solution like Litera Desktop. You will hear from our customers, Melissa Speidel, Business Transformation Leader from K&L Gates and John Graves, Training Specialist from Winstead PC along with Litera experts, Matt Miller, VP of Drafting Products and Ian Lee, Director of Product Marketing to discuss:

  • The challenges of using and managing disparate drafting point solutions
  • The journey of consolidating these solutions and how our customers chose Litera Desktop
  • The benefits and results of using Litera Desktop.


To watch the webinar, click here 


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