Use Cases For Legal Departments

Cost efficiency pressure

The Challenge: Increasing costs for outsourcing specialists

  • General counsels who are generalists and not specialists in all professions often need to outsource to other specialised firms at much higher cost.
  • Chief Finance Officers are relentlessly seeking savings, year on year. They therefore, task all functional leaders to be more forensic and validate all spending.
  • Meanwhile, law firm rates are rising and, as a result, in-house teams are required to be much more self-reliant and become even more generalist.
  • Internal clients want immediate answers.

The Solution: How Della Helps?

The Della Platform is easy to use by general counsels because it requires you to have legal, rather than technical, knowledge. General Councils can find answers to questions across different types of documents quickly. They can reuse the same checklist and Della’s translation capability to relieve time pressure and increase efficiency.

With Della, you can assign tasks to internal stakeholders, share highly detailed or very specific reports i.e. red flag reports which allows for very focused and efficient support.

Della provides transparency and visibility to all stakeholders removing the need for frequent status update meetings and frees up GCs’ time.

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