Transforming Legal Document Drafting: Unlocking Firm Wisdom & Inserting the “Best” Content in Documents with GenAI

Work for lawyers, legal professionals, and knowledge managers just got easier, more accurate, and less time-consuming. Don’t miss the chance to see how we’ve integrated generative AI capabilities into our document creation platform, Litera Create.

The enhanced Litera Create-Content surfaces your collective firm knowledge within Microsoft Word via natural language queries to empower legal professionals to find the best clauses, definitions, and contract information for their documents in minutes.

Lawyers and legal professionals are always trying to efficiently find the best content for their documents, despite it being spread across systems. Even with the help of traditional document assembly tools, lawyers must manually review and edit documents to ensure they meet firm and client standards, spending valuable time and effort in the process.

Download our eBook to learn how you can amplify impact in legal drafting with Litera’s Create-Content GenAI capabilities, including:

  • Litera’s philosophy to GenAI
  • Our approach to security concerns
  • Our vision of enhancing our Document Drafting suite with GenAI
  • The newest GenAI capabilities of Litera Create-Content

…and more!

Learn more, and download here.

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