The Role of Software in Talent Development

In an industry as competitive as the legal sector, the importance of developing talent cannot be understated. However, law firms will always face challenges when it comes to talent development, such as a difficulty monitoring employee performance and retaining talent.

Fortunately, a modern career development approach can soothe these challenges; however, in an article written for the Law Society of England and Wales, a survey found that only 14% of respondents feel their firm takes a modern approach to career development. So how can firms approach development in a more modern way?

Monitoring employee performance

When it comes to employee performance, manual tracking methods can be overwhelming for HR departments, especially given the sensitive nature of feedback in such a professional environment. The process is often laborious and time-consuming, leaving room for potential inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Moreover, without a structured approach, it can be difficult to gather meaningful insights or create effective performance management plans. These challenges are further exacerbated when dealing with large teams or distributed workforces, where keeping track of individual progress can become complex.

Streamlining the process of performance monitoring through features like self-evaluations and goal setting helps alleviate these challenges. By facilitating continuous feedback, you encourage a culture of open communication and consistent improvement, making the feedback process less daunting for all parties involved.

Advanced Performance & Talent has a comprehensive system that allows employers to track and analyse employee performance in real-time based on continuous feedback and goal progress, providing them with a clear view of what is happening within the firm. This, in turn, enables management to devise more accurate and effective performance management plans. By simplifying these crucial aspects of performance monitoring, the platform helps law firms overcome typical hurdles in talent development and drive their teams towards success.


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