Taylor Wessing utilises the unrivalled security of Microsoft Azure

The international Law firm Taylor Wessing needed to explore new solutions to service its clients across its global offices in Germany, Singapore, the Far East and the USA. Clients were expecting them to work in a different way, so they needed a secure, flexible solution to meet the expectations of the client. To do that they turned to Microsoft Azure and the power of the cloud.

Kevin Harris, IT Director at Taylor Wessing explained why Taylor Wessing decided to look at Microsoft Azure. “For us the business benefit is around flexibility & speed to market”; this speed to market means that Taylor Wessing can service its clients in hours and minutes rather than days and weeks.

Taylor Wessing also needed to be able to better understand the data they were using within the cloud and with Azure they were better able to do just that. “The ability to draw multiple different feeds from our organisation, get it into one consistent format that makes it understandable and to do that quickly, is key”, enthused David Mardle, Head of UK Corporate and Co-Head of International Corporate at Taylor Wessing.

Of course, when dealing with sensitive client data in the cloud you need to know that data is secure. Azure was able to give Taylor Wessing that piece of mind as Kevin Harris explains: “For the security we did a lot of research…of the last 50 hacks we could see globally…none were with Azure.”

Azure has made a real difference to Taylor Wessing, transforming the way they’re able to serve clients and as Kevin Harris states, inspiring real internal change.

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