Saffery Champness Uses NetDocuments to Support Its ‘Cloud-First’ Strategy, Enabling Staff to Securely Manage, Discover and Share Files From Anywhere

About Saffery Champness Saffery Champness is a top 20 firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Fiduciaries. Operating for over 160 years, the firm provides a suite of services including accounting, audit and assurance, business advisory, corporate finance, forensic and litigation, outsourcing, tax, trusts and VAT.

Challenge: Siloed Documents Negatively Impacted Productivity Saffery Champness handles thousands of documents each day, each containing confidential information that assists clients with their accounting and financial reporting needs. Like many firms in the industry, Saffery Champness was using several applications to support various service lines (such as tax returns, and audits), many of which had their own document management functionality.

However, these document management capabilities were limited and only worked in the context of
the individual service line application. This meant documents became siloed, resulting in staff using
email and folders to manage documents centrally.

“The categorisation of documents hadn’t taken place, which was impacting on internal productivity. Managing and storing documents within Microsoft Exchange just wasn’t a sustainable way to work,” says Julie Berry IT Partner at Saffery Champness. “This way of working posed a large amount of strain on employees’ email inboxes and time was often wasted working out who had what document, and where to find it. This resulted in time being spent to find the most up-to-date version, creating increased frustration amongst staff.”


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