One in Five People Click on AI-Generated Phishing Emails, SoSafe Data Reveals

  • Research from SoSafe reveals AI-generated cyberattacks are highly successful, with nearly 80% of humans opening AI-written phishing emails
  • Generative AI tools can speed up phishing attacks by at least 40%, creating an even greater danger due to high scalability

Cologne, Germany, April 24, 2023 – Cybersecurity experts from SoSafe, Europe’s leading provider of security awareness and training, have long warned of the possibility that generative AI could write better phishing emails than humans can. Initial research* by SoSafe shows that this threat warning is justified: The data* revealed that AI-written phishing emails were opened by 78% of humans, with 21% going on to click on malicious content within (such as links or attachments).

What’s more, 65% of humans were tricked into revealing personal information in input fields on the linked websites by AI-generated emails. The data demonstrates that humans cannot distinguish AI-generated phishing emails from manually captured phishing attacks.

Compared to AI-generated phishing attacks, human-generated phishing emails got slightly more clicks in the conducted study (27%), while open rates have been the same both for AI and human-generated phishing mails. Interaction rates have even been higher for the AI-generated emails as only 60% revealed additional data in human-generated cyberattacks.


To read the full press release, click here. 

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