Nutanix Accelerates Transformation for the Legal Sector

IT teams in the legal sector are under constant pressure to do more with less—while delivering the highest possible application availability, ensuring cybersecurity, and keeping up with the latest technology. Busy legal teams need round-the-clock access to documents, and for today’s law firms, a data breach may be an existential threat. Sometimes the situation can seem impossible to serve. To address these challenges, law firms are increasingly turning to the right hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, the industry’s leading HCI solution, helps you face today’s head on and positions your organization for a successful future. With Nutanix, you can:

• Streamline and automate management tasks to simplify operations and reduce or eliminate planned downtime.

• Deliver superior availability and performance for critical applications.

• Enhance security with a platform designed from the ground up to strict standards.

Nutanix transforms your datacenters and gives you the ability to extend your operations to the cloud including hosted and managed cloud services. Infrastructure becomes invisible, allowing you to deliver the services your firm needs to succeed today while innovating to address future requirements with our industry leading web-scale architecture.


The complex, siloed IT environments common place in legal firms result in application and data silos that make it challenging to ensure.spread across incompatible systems, it can be hard to get a full picture of your operations or build seamless end-to-end processes. Modernization has become essential for law firms that want to decrease operating costs, use analytics to take better advantage of business and case data, and increase technical innovation. Nutanix accelerates your modernization efforts with:

• A single platform for all applications. Nutanix supports all your workload needs—from industry specific applications like Relativity, LexisNexis, Interwoven, and iManage to messaging to document management to analytics—on a single integrated platform.

• Security from the ground up. Because security is built in rather than bolted on, your firm stays more secure with less effort.

• Greater operational efficiency. By reducing IT complexity and simplifying management, Nutanix frees your team to focus on application, IT enhancements, and innovation.

• Easier software development. Nutanix helps automate IT operations workflows and enables self-service to accelerate in-house development.

• Innovation to empower your employees. Legal teams today need constant connectivity. Nutanix delivers secure and responsive digital workspaces using VDI/EUC with Citrix or VMware or as DaaS to meet your legal staff’s needs whether they’re in the office or working remote.

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