Modernising for Success Now—and in the Future


As a leading London law firm, Forsters provides exceptional legal services to their clients. But the tech
they relied on to produce that work was inadequate. “We have been using a practice management solution which we designed ourselves,” said Craig Thompson, partner and Head of Corporate at
Forsters, “There’s nothing worse than a piece of software designed by a committee of lawyers.”

Prior to NetDocuments, the previous on-premises system created numerous problems for the firm.
Not only was the system slow, but it did not communicate with modern software solutions the team
hoped to integrate. “As we wanted to adopt new software, we always had problems with it,” Thompson
explained. “It created a lot of user angst, because they blamed the IT team for the fact that we had an
antiquated document management system that didn’t talk to any new software.”

More than anything, however, the system was incredibly difficult to use: “It was hopeless” Thompson
said. “It could probably do everything—including make a cup of tea—but nobody knew how to do it.
‘Intuition’ was not a word that was known when it was designed.”

Thompson, who was then the partner overseeing IT, began work to find a solution and led the team that
reviewed and selected NetDocuments to replace their existing on-premises document management
system (DMS).


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