MetaJure ILLUMINATE Now Integrated with Worldox®

World Software Corporation®, the makers of Worldox®, the award-winning document and email management solution, is now fully integrated with MetaJure’s ILLUMINATE.

MetaJure ILLUMINATE is an enterprise search product that complements traditional Document Management Systems (DMS) by enabling law firms to efficiently locate all of their documents and emails regardless of location.

Rebecca Sattin, Chief Information Officer of Worldox stated, “Integrating MetaJure with Worldox provides firms with a complete compliance solution, allowing them to definitively find data stored in all their systems, including data that may be stored on local hard drives.”

MetaJure ILLUMINATE takes advantage of a proprietary connector through the Worldox API to index the metadata and content stored in a firm’s Worldox data repositories, while respecting existing security permissions. What’s more, MetaJure ILLUMINATE automatically OCRs image-only documents across the firm, ensuring that all data is text searchable by lawyers and staff.

“Our mission at MetaJure is to ensure that firms and legal departments have easy access to 100% of their intellectual property,” said CEO Rob Arnold. “With access to all their knowledge, law firms can realize greater value from their work product, expertise and wisdom.”

The MetaJure Connector for Worldox ensures that firms and legal departments can seamlessly find their content regardless of repository potentially saving many hours every week.

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